Sunday, July 26, 2009


**UPDATE: The kiddos got home and by the time they got here I had changed the sheets on all the beds, vacuumed, mopped, cleaned all the bathrooms and straightened up!**

I love being productive! I got so much done this weekend and feel good about it. I have just a few more things on my to do list before the kiddos come home this afternoon but here is what I have already done:

-Organized EJ's crafting stuff
-Organized the kids toys and did a "toy swap"--I genenrally only have 1/2 the toys out at once so I can swap them every couple of weeks.
-Went through all our bookcases and culled out the books we don't read--donated non-Christian stuff to Goodwill and Christian stuff to church
-Organized my sewing cabinet
-Organized the computer cabinet
-Organized all my cake stuff in the garage
-Organized all the swimming/pool/ocean and bathing suit stuff in the garage
-Got my maternity stuff out of the attic--I hate maternity clothes but some of my shorts are starting to get tight.
-Went through some of the kitchen cabinets to get out what we don't use.
-Hung the blackout shades in the kid's rooms
-Cleaned the kitchen
-Made laundry detergent--enough for 3 months or so
-Made one batch of dinosaur eggs for EJ's party--I'll need to make another 2 batches to have enough eggs.
-Got my stuff at Harris Teeter with their "super-doubles"

All that AND I went to the Sunday School Party last night and fellowshipped from 4 until 9pm. Ahhh--sleep=energy and I had lots of both this weekend.

Now to clean the bathrooms, replace the broken toilet seat (which Justin is at Lowes getting now) and vacuum.

The kids were supposed to be home at noon but granny called and said they were late leaving and they won't be here until 3:30 or so--that gives me another hour and a half to work!

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Alysun said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading all that. Glad you had some freedom this weekend:)