Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Curly Sue and a Crafter Too!

Wow! What a busy day--I feel like I did a weeks worth of activities in one day--is this what life without napping is going to be like?? A super grumpy boy that I must constantly keep busy to avoid a meltdown?? I hope not!!

Today we:
  • went to the gym and the kids played at childwatch
  • went to PetSmart to see the animals
  • made dinosaur eggs for Elijah's party--they have to dry at least a week so they will explode when you throw them against the driveway
  • went through the crayon box and got all the broken crayons and put them in muffin cups and made rainbow muffin crayons
  • crafted (with Elijah) for almost 2 hours while Lyddie napped--cleaned the kitchen and straightened up while he crafted solo for a little while
  • played computer games with Elijah after scraping the pounds of glitter and glue off of Elijah's hands
  • colored (with both children)--printouts from Playhouse Disney for the little man, scrap paper for the little miss
  • cut the dino mask out of the cereal box to play with
  • read a ton of stories--Go Dogs Go anyone?
  • survived a grouchy boy refusing to apologize for decking his sister--30 minute time out (because I told him he could sit there until he was ready to apologize) followed by a spanking for spitting in my face :(
  • went to granny and grampys for dinner
  • Elijah took a 30 minute "motorcycle ride" around the neighborhood on his hotwheels with Grampy while Lyddie was in the car-stroller with Granny

Whew! Sometimes I feel like I should just be a slacker mom and put on a video but then I remember that Lydia delights in making her brother scream by turning on and off the TV and Elijah delights in jumping from the couch to the chair to the table while the TV is on and realize that a video does not grant me any peace! Maybe next year they will sit quietly and watch a video--then again, knowing my kids, maybe not!

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Alysun said...

Do you like my hat? (Go, Dog, Go is a staple around here:)

You need a raise and a Super Mommy cape. See you in the AM!!