Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gettin' a Crafty Groove on!

Last night I took 45 minutes and made up the 8 invitations I needed for Elijah's 3rd birthday party. I love handmaking the invites--I figure it will only be a matter of time before homemade invites are "stupid" so I am taking full advantage of it while I can.

Elijah has decided he wants a dinosaur birthday party so I made little dinosaur invites out of cardstock paper. I think they turned out adorable!!

I put all the bday party information in the mouth.

I took two ovals of green paper and folded one in half. I glued the top half to the bottom oval and sandwiched the purple horn in between. Then I opened the mouth and glued a red oval to make a mouth. Some little white ovals for the eyes and six little teeth and some black marker accents and voila! Dino invites!!

Here is the finished product (minus the party information). I thought I was pretty clever since I didn't even do an internet search for inspiration or anything. It was really fun to do!

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Alysun said...

Very cute! Dylan asked if he could have a dinosaur cake for his next birthday, too:)