Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Windows and More!

We got our new windows and new doors! I am so excited! They are insulated, all of them open, none are painted shut. We have screens in every window and the 4-in child locks on all of them too. They tilt in to be cleaned and open from the top and from the bottom. The new back sliding door is wonderful too! It slides so smoothly, has three locks and a screen with no dog hole in it! The front door is wonderful--it actually closed without pulling. It has a lock on it and it has a foot controlled thing that lets you prop it open if your hands are full.

We also have been getting a lot out of our garden. Lyddie and I dug potatoes on Wednesday. Yesterday we got our first ripe romas off the vine (and ate all of them for dinner!). The blackberries are almost all gone but the grapes are just starting to get ripe. It has been great--we've gone from strawberries to blackberries to grapes. The kids love going back there and grazing. We also picked our volunteer pumpkins yesterday in hopes that some of the little green ones on the vine might get bigger and ripen closer to halloween. Elijah freaked at the though of carving the pumpkins so we painted them instead.

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