Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh Baby

Whew--things are different this go round. We are going with an OB care and actually going to get an ultrasound far enough into the pregnancy to know what we're having. Since I can read ultrasounds the odds of my NOT seeing what our child is is pretty slim. So, chances are we ARE going to find out what we're having. Here's our dilemma--we used up our names on the two kids we have already! We're looking for names for a boy and a girl--we don't want to just keep calling this one "the baby" especially if we know what it is. We're open for suggestions but here are a couple of names we kinda like--feedback???





We want to go with a biblical name since we already have an Elijah James and a Lydia Grace. I kinda like Nathaniel Andrew Denton and Rebekah Noelle Denton but Justin isn't so sure. At least we have moved past his "favorites" of Agnes and Jedediah :)

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Elizabeth F. said...

I like Leah out of your girl names...and Nathaniel out of the boys. I saw a little girl this week at Music camp and her name was Olive Ann and I LOVED that name! So cute. Anyhoo...Good Luck making that decision.When will you find out?