Tuesday, July 07, 2009


We had a playdate with one of Elijah's preschool buddies today. I really like playdates--especially at someone ELSE's house. I strive to be one of those cool mom's that love to have people over but I am a stressy mom. I *think* I appear cool and laid back and like I don't care when EVERY toy is on the floor and the kids are all screaming, but I am not. I am constantly thinking about what the other mom is thinking about me--"Gosh these kids are spoiled, Gosh these kids have WAY too many toys, She lets them eat WHAT?" you know. I am sure I judge myself much more harshly than any other mother ever would.

That brings me to the wonderful playdate that we had this morning. This is a cool mom that disciplines her children and they listen to her. It is nice that she is so even keeled (at least while we are there) and consisitant with her kids. You can tell they know the rules and know what to expect. She always surprises me with the delicious lunches she just pulls together. Last time she made the most delicious black bean and corn salsa, this time she treated me to roasted veggie tortilla pizzas. Elijah was in heaven with Spinach leaves and italian dressing and almonds. I love going over and having playdates because I LOVE to get ideas from other mothers. I tend not to think negative stuff at all (which is good) but just marvel at the differences. For example, how a certain technique she uses works to get her kids to obey. The things that her slightly older son can do that Elijah hasn't mastered yet. Stuff like that.

I also really had a good time because although my son was acting like a twerp and fighting and crying and throwing fits she was still smiling and telling me that she hopes we can get together again soon.

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