Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Precious Blessings

As I am sitting here frustrated at the lack of sleep in general and lack of napping going on right now--I thought I would list some of the things I absolutely love about my children in hopes of improving my mood and attitude, because really, apart from the not sleeping, my children are wonderful and I love them and they are my precious gifts from God.

  • I love how he comes and sniffs me when I am wearing sunscreen and tells me I smell good "like a smoothie"
  • I love how he will just out of the blue thank me for cooking his food and his supper and tell me it is delicious--even when we're having something he doesn't like.
  • I love how he calls his sister "diaper baby" and "sweetie" and "mama's precious angel"
  • I love how he will dip his sissy's french fries for her, tell her not to cry, run get her lovey if she's upset and generally act like a wonderful brother without me saying anything.
  • I love how he still says "bazzert" for dessert
  • I think he's hilarious when he spends 15 minutes rolling out his daddy cookies with his rolling pin and then cooks daddy in the couch oven and won't let him move.
  • I love how, when a lady at church was talking with him and asked him what he was (looking for the answer "little boy" or "person" because they'd been talking about animals) he said: "I am mommy's precious gift from God."


  • I love "mamen" as soon as she sits down because she hopes the food will come faster
  • I love her dinosaur roar and her doggy "oof", how she says "shishies" for fish and "douche" for juice
  • I love how today in the back seat she kept calling me daddy and I corrected her and she said "mommy-luv 'do" and then blew me a kiss
  • I love when she will just go up to her "bra bra" and lay her head in his lap and give him a hug. I especially love it when he hugs her back and kisses the top of her head. Can anything make a mom feel more wonderful than that??!!
  • I love how she will march around with her little arms pumping and then flap them and waddle when she "dances"
  • I love it when she's proud of herself and she says "Die did it ta-daaaaaaaa" and puts her arms in the air like a touchdown.

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