Thursday, July 02, 2009

Splish Spash I was Havin' a Blast!!!

The kids had a blast this morning at the spray park. Last week's leaving made them appreciate this week all the more. Elijah was very obedient and in a great mood the whole time. I was in a great mood because it was actually a pretty good night and because I stopped at McDonalds and got an Iced Latte with Vanilla Syrup--delicious!! I could drink one of those every morning with no problem :) Lydia wanted nothing to do with me today. I kept a close eye on her but I didn't even have to take off my coverup--she was so independent. It was wonderful watching her-absolutely no fear whatsoever!! Don't let their expressions fool you--they had a great time. They just make that funny face when they are holding their breath.

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