Monday, August 31, 2009

According to Lyddie . . .

Bunnies go "Pop Pop Pop"

This is accompanied by the same sign as popcorn.

I am glad she is wrong--I'd hate to clean up the backyard if OUR bunnies did that. I am going to try and get it on video and share--it's too cute!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Things I DIDN'T do today :)

Not me Monday is on Vacation--Here is my Not me Friday!

1) I didn't encourage my children to act like vacuums and suck their popcorn off the floor with their lips after they spilled it. Nope--not me! And it didn't keep them busy for 5 minutes either while I cleaned the downstairs bathroom.

2) I didn't put the TV on timeout yesterday over bad behavior and then REALLY regret my decision today. I didn't ALMOST cave to my temptation to turn on the mindless tube in an effort to make my life easier. No-never!

3) I didn't cut a huge doughnut in the front yard with the NEW AND TOTALLY AWESOME riding mower my parents got me as a surprise present. Nope--I am so talented that I know how to ride a mower with no lessons at all from my very patient father. I also didn't have to go back over some spots I missed because I have no idea how to turn the thing and not leave a little tuft of uncut grass. And I didn't have to stop and leave the big doughnut becuase of the rain.

4) I didn't make a pan of chocolate chip cookies because my kiddos were getting grouchy and restless from no naps. Nope--sugar never solves ANYTHING :)

5) Finally, I am not debating whether or not I should just eat that delicious PILE of leftover mashed spuds with butter for dinner--no--that wouldn't be healthy! I need fruits, veggies--a balanced diet! Of course I did have greens at lunch time . . . and I didn't just eat two pickles while trying to decide on dinner either--that would just be weird :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ride 'Em Cowboy and Cowgirl!

Lydia and Elijah both had a blast at Tess' today. Tess was turning 7 and her riding instructor offered to bring a horse to the house on her birthday. How awesome is that?? Well after 11 rides on the merry go round this morning at the spray park we felt pretty prepared for the horse ride this afternoon. (At least all the practice made Elijah very brave about the whole horse ride thing).

Here is Lydia having a blast. She kept saying "Horsey ee-haa" (Horsey YeeHa!) She rode one handed most of the time. She was such a daredevil and not scared at all. Of course I had a death grip on her leg the whole time in case she decided to lunge off the side. She didn't do that though and had a blast!
Yes--she is red as a beet. I think it was about 400 degrees out there this afternoon. We were sweating buckets. Poor horse was probably miserable but was so good natured! Look at that grin!!

Elijah actually rode before Lydia but the pics didn't load that way. I am too lazy to switch them. He was so brave! He was about the 4th kid to get on and the BIG boy just ahead of him freaked out and started sobbing and didn't even get on. I thought Elijah would freak but he jumped right on. He started saying "YeeHa! I am just like Pecos Bill!! I am a cowboy. Mommy are you watching me--I am cowboy Elijah!!!"

Not sure if you can see the smile or not--he was concentrating and trying to grin

A big thank you to Leanne who invited us! It was beyond awesome and my kids loved it!

Retro Fun!

The other day Elijah was grouchy and just wanted to be read to. Lyddie was also grouchy and needed to be on the go. What did I do? Broke out my old "Read me a Story" books from when I was little. I had my books, record player and all the records in the closet in EJ's room. It was a huge hit with Elijah. He listened to Snow White, Peter Pan, Pete's Dragon and Three Little Piggies. I was a bit amazed he would sit that long--the books are LONG and there is one little picture and two whole pages of words. He loved it though and got his "reading" fix for the afternoon. Long live "big black CD's!"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lyddie is a Whizzing Fool!

Yesterday we started "officially" potty training Lydia. She has been doing great on her own but yesterday she was 100% underpants (except for nap and bed). She did great. Only one accident and that was right after nap when she was still groggy. This morning we had one almost accident--a little bit down the leg the rest in the potty. She even stayed dry the 1.5 hours at childwatch. Its hard to believe that EJ was just two months older when we potty trained him--these kids just hate diapers! I figured we've got all Fall together before Bella comes and before Lydia might start preschool in January. That should be plenty of time to get it down pat.

I have to admit it is a lot more work for me right now but I am hoping for a great payoff. I am motivated by no more cloth diaper loads of laundry until Bella comes. It will also be nice not having two in diapers.

Funny Elijah Quote:
We were trying to decide what we were going to eat for a snack after the gym and he wanted a Cars yogurt (which we don't have). I suggested a few alternatives and he said:
"No mom. Please stop thinking. I am going to start brainstorming and come up with what I want myself."

He came up with chips and salsa and he ate almost a 1/2 pint of homemade salsa with only 8 chips. Whew! They were piled high!

Lyddie chose a yogurt and three pickles and dipped them. No she's not pregnant :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Isabelle Kate

We've decided on a name and are sharing it--we figured that this pregnancy was going to be so different than the others anyway that we might as well. We're doing a hospital birth, we had an ultrasound, we found out the sex of the baby . . . .Whew!! We're living life on the wild side (or conforming to society). Anyway--the name has been shared with both sets of grandparents and gotten approval so we're sharing it with the world.

Isabelle Kate Denton is due to arrive January 1st, 2010. We'll see--I am feeling like it is going to be the 5th or 6th of January before we see her. Don't know why, just feeling that way. Both other kids were late so she'll probably hang in there too. Can't say as I am disappointed yet--since I am not miserable and hugely pregnant--but the farther from Christmas the better in my opinion.

Oh--and I am probably going to call her Bella--that WILL BE the ONLY acceptable nickname. If you call my angel IZZY you are going to get an evil look. Persist and I might just have to slap you :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Home at Last

We had a great last day at the beach. TONS of waves thanks to Bill. When we left they had come all the wya up the beach and were on the dunes. It was a sight to see!! We ran into a bit of rain on the way back but it wasn't bad. We're already unpacked, the boys have gotten their shaggy hair cut, we're all clean and the kiddos are down for the night. Ahhhh!
Now for some pictures!

The whole clan:

Me, Lydia and Baby Denton #3--I don't look 5 months preggo do I??

Justin and Grampy kyaking in the sound. Elijah, Granny and Lydia wading in the reeds.

The kids and the ocean--too wonderful!

Elijah--completely in his element!
Lydia loved the waves too!

And the sand!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Last Night :(

Tonight is our last one at the beach this year. It's been a great week for the whole family. I am sad to leave but ready to get back into a regular routine that hopefully involves everyone sleeping just a little bit more :) I am always on the quest for more sleep :)

Lyddie is down early tonight after a very short nap this afternoon. I just couldn't take the grump anymore. Elijah napped great so he is enjoying some time at the beach with granny and daddy. That boy is a beach bum! He loves it! I think he is going to really miss it. He was been "getting knocked silly" by the waves and "getting knocked for a loopty-loop" too. Its cute when he gets knocked silly--it has the same effect as pushing his "silly button" and he runs and screams and whoops and waves his arms around. Too funny! Lyddie started "spash aking" (splash walking) today where she stomps through the receding waves. It is funny to watch. She is a huge fan of all of the "big butts" (big boats) that are parked outside and that she sees in the water.

We're all sporting dark tans despite the SPF 50 and 60 we've been using all week. No one got even a hint of pink on them though so I am satisfied with our level of sun protection. Can I just say how WONDERFUL those little sun shirts are with the SPF 50?? Not having to slather the entire child makes such a difference!

Justin and I had our "date night" last night. We slept at my parent's house on the sound. It was nice to get away from the kiddos for a bit and just do our couple thing. We went to Panera bread for dinner (Delicious!) and went shopping for a picture frame (didn't find one :( ) and got a movie to vege with. We watched that movie and Raising Arizona and then crashed for a night of uninterrupted sleep. Ahhhh . . . sleep! My parents watched the kids here at the condo and had fun with them.

Headed home in the morning if the weather is as nasty as predicted. We're hoping for some sun so that we can beach it one last time before we go. I would love to exhaust the children at the beach and then rinse them off and head home around lunchtime.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beachy Fun in the Sun!

We're having a blast! Wish you could see some of the pictures we have taken of the kids BUT we don't have a memory card reader that works with my memory card and we don't have the little cord to connect the camera to the computer so you will just have to wait until Sunday or Monday next week to see proof of the wonderful time we're having at the beach.

We have settled into a bit of a routine here--up (at the crack of dawn, 5:30 or 6am--despite VERY late bedtimes of 8:30 or 9pm), snacks and chilling out with Noggin' while the growups drink coffee, corralling the children to eat breakfast, wrestling the children into their bathing suits and slathering everyone up with lotion, popsicles in the wagon on the way to the beach and BEACH it by 8:30am!! About 11:30am we head to the pool for a quick rinse (we hose off first), then lunch, naps, bathing suits and sunscreen again, BEACH it by 4:30pm. About 6ish we pack eveything up and head back to the pool for an hour or so, head to the room, feed and bathe the kiddos and get them into bed. Then we eat and fall into bed exhausted ourselves. Its amazing what two kids can do to three adults (we have grampy here helping us).

Monday we went to the aquarium and Monday night the boys all went crabbing at the beach. EJ stayed up until after 9pm exploring. That made for a very grumpy Tuesday :) He recovered after a 3 hour nap and we had a great evening Tuesday. Today we did the normal except that the kiddos ate Picnic Style at the pool. Elijah though that was AWESOME!! He's a cheap date--some spicy chips and a picnic table and he is a very happy camper.

Lyddie and Elijah are both loving the beach. They don't mind sand everywhere and willingly eat sandy salty foods. They are both so adventerous--running into the waves, getting knocked down. I don't let them see how much it freaks me out to have a huge wave crash on them and knock them over but my heart is in my throat and someone is always VERY close by to grab them up. We've had great seas the past two days--so calm and wonderful. I've been able to get our in the water with no concern for baby Denton#3. Unfortunately, the waves are starting to get rougher as Bill nears our coast. Today the wind was up too. The kids still had a good time playing though. We're going to beach it as much as we can before the weather turns. We have been so blessed with nothing but sunny skies. Even if the weather does turn nasty there is a wonderful indoor pool that we can hang out in.

That's it for now!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Everything is Beachy Keen :)

We're having a great time at the beach thus far. We got here yesterday with two very tired munchkins and headed straight for the beach. It was wonderful--the surf was so calm, there were these little pools on the beach and granny and grampy had already set up camp. We played almost 2 hours and then came back and chilled out in the pool for 30 minutes or so to get most of the sand off before baths, dinner in front of the TV and bed! Elijah settled right down but Lydia was a little freaked by the surroundings. She had a rough night but he slept soundly.

This morning Elijah didn't want to beach it so he and daddy and I headed to the pool while Lydia got some Granny and Grampy time down on the beach. We played until lunchtime and I got to talk with some other Mommies at the pool while Daddy swam with Elijah. After naps that were far too short for my liking we headed back to the pool and then the beach.

We cheered Daddy on as he "surfed" on Elijah's boogie board. Elijah thought it was wonderful! Those same little pools had formed again so the kids had fun "surfing" on those while I pulled them around using the leash on the boogie board. The tide got the better of us and attacked our stuff before we realized it and granny's camera got wet, thus no photos :( Today the surf was really rough and Elijah had fun playing in all of the foam while holding on to our hands. He didn't want to go out at all (and I was really glad!).

We had dinner again in front of the TV and I think Elijah is starting to really like that. He is getting all sorts of stuff he likes--apples and peanut butter, crackers and cheese, strawberry milk, yogurt, gourp . . . finger foods and getting to vege on stuff like Dora's pirate Adventure. We are letting both kids completely snack out on stuff all day to prevent grumpy attitudes, but its healthy stuff. This afternoon EJ ate a nectarine, a Kiwi, cheese, a banana and pineapple smoothie and some crackers. Their appetites are huge because they are constantly on the go.

We're looking forward to more fun in the sun tomorrow. So far the only thing on our agenda for the whole week is that Daddy and Elijah want to go and play putt-putt, something they have never done. It should be fun I think, but I don't think there is any way they will play all 18 holes :) Going out to eat some shrimp would be nice too, but relaxing in the room and not going anywhere in the car is so wonderful.

I think I have also found a new favorite smell--Baby shampoo and sunscreen. I swear I couldn't get enough of the way the kids hair smelled tonight--delicious!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mr. 3 Year Old

How is my little boy already THREE???!!! I took him to Sears today and expected a total fiasco but was pleasantly surprised with a little angel. EJ got up at 3am and threw tantrums all morning. I was so worried that he was going to flip out at the portrait studio. I had already gotten a babysitter for Lyddie though so I thought I would go ahead and risk it. Boy am I glad we went! He was so proud of his "Handsome Clothes" and his "3- year old shoes." He was cooperative and obedient and just a general pleasure. She was able to get TONS of great shots. Too bad I only had $10 to spend! Here are the poses.

OK--I think this one is dumb but it is the only full body shot--I just wanted to show off the really cute outfit.

He looks so angelic in this one! Fake smile :(

This looks like a 1950's school picture to me--he looks so much older than 3!!
Oh--too grown up--he looks like he's 5!
This is the one I ordered--classic Elijah expression and I love the diagonal angle on it. Got the portrait package of this one--$7.99 BABY!! Free 10x13 too!!

This is the only other one I was tempted to order--I love his smile in this one--precious!

The classic--pose with a big #3--He wanted this one but then didn't like it when he saw it on the computer.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Bye Bye Pee Pee"

**Update: Lyddie used the same pair of "dunders" all day (except for her nap) I am so proud of my little pee-er** Lyddie loves to use the potty--even when wearing a diaper at home she is going. We only used one diaper yesterday and that was at naptime. Its nice but I hope she doesn't get too frustrated at the beach next week on vacation. I am actually getting excited about coming back and getting her 100% trained--it will be nice not to have to wash diaper loads twice a week. She wanted to wear her "dunders" like brother today. She saw them when I was folding laundry and wanted them on. They are so baggy and they are the smallest I can find!! She is a size 12/18 months and the 2T/3T just swallow her little butt--too cute! She grabbed them and started saying "dunders" and pulling at her diaper and saying "off!" Elijah immediately informed her that they aren't unders that girls wear "tee-pees." I gently corrected him and told him panties, not tee-pees. So now he is calling them "pandies" and she is calling them "dunders" and I am just laughing at my little monkeys.

Here's my angel waving to her pee-pees.

Here are my monkeys--Lyddie pulled out the table to climb on the sofa table. Elijah immediately joined in the fun. Nothing is safe!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yesterday was not a good day.

I was supposed to be happy that my baby was healthy and everything looked great on the ultrasound and that everything was growing normally. Instead I cried because I really DONT want another girl. I DIDNT want a third child, I HATE being pregnant, and now its a girl. I am NOT happy about that (yet).

I should be happy that God has blessed us and made us savers. I should be happy that by selling some stocks, closing out all of our saving accounts and really scrimping that we can cover the almost $10,000 bill to repair the roof. I should be happy that we went ahead and replaced the roof before our siding was damaged and our home rotted from the inside out. I should be happy that I acted on that little stain on the top of ceiling. Instead, I just started freaking out about having absolutely no savings whatsoever. Thinking about the what-ifs instead of trusting that God has our best interests at heart. Its ONLY money. But I couldn't stop crying and stressing out when I got by myself. I managed to hold it together in front of the kids and in front of Justin but my own insanity drove me to tears when I was alone.

No--yesterday was not a good day. Today will be better.

I think once we decide on a name for the baby that I will feel closer to her and start loving her.

I think once we head to the beach on Saturday and I get away from the daily reminder of the house that I will feel better. We are all healthy, we are all happy and growing. Its ONLY money. We will continute to save and scrimp and if we need to give up our luxuries to build up our savings we will. Gym, TV, internet, preschool--those are all areas we could eliminate.

We're blessed--I can stay home to raise my children, I can feed my children healthy organic foods, I can cook tasty inexpensive meals, I enjoy cooking and baking, my husband and kids love beans :) We'll get though it.

Yesterday I needed to wallow and be sad and just absorb everything.

Today I am going to pray and trust and force myself to be positive.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Guess What?

Baby Denton #3 is a girl.

I can't believe I am going to have another girl.

More bows and ribbons and tights and dresses.

Bring on a tomboy!


I feel like this poor baby I am growing is getting gypped. With Elijah I was so careful to drink my 2 L of water daily, I never had caffiene and I followed the best diet I could seeing as I was throwing up 6 times a day the whole 9 months. With Lyddie, I was great about taking my vitamins, I drank my water and I ate GREAT since I wasn't sick. With this one, I take my vitamins when I remember (though with my new weekly thingy I remember almost everyday!), drink whatever I want (including large amounts of coffee) and eat nothing but tomatoes and cucumbers because that's what I can keep down. Poor thing!

I am also not excited (yet) about being pregnant. I am not showing at all, I have lost weight, I really want that BABY belly. I am also doing this thing completely differently because of the two hemmorages with my other births. Instead of the personal care of a midwife I am going with the 5 minute visits to an OB who doens't care about me or know me from Adam's housecat. He may or may not deliver the baby--depends on if he is on call. I am going to a hospital to deliver the baby where it is a medical event and NOT a miracle of God.

Today is my first ultrasound out of the 3 pregnancies where we might find out the sex of the baby. I am NOT excited. I talk to my preggo friends and this is one of the hilights of their pregnancy. They can't wait to see their baby and find out what they are having. Maybe its because I didn't find out with the other two or because I like the surprise or I just want to rebel and be different, but I DONT want to know what we're having. I DONT want an ultrasound to find out what possibly might be wrong with the baby. Nothing they find will change the fact that I will carry the pregnancy as long as God allows me to and that we will NEVER terminate a pregnancy--even if it is an 8 legged mutant alien baby, we're keeping it!

Oh well--tune back in later to find out if we found out or if the baby was shy (as I have been hoping).

Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me Monday! Post

Today I did not force both children to go to the gym with me and stay in childwatch just so I could get a shower and shave my legs. What kind of mommy would do that?? Especially since they were both tired from keeping me up from 1am until this morning.

We then didn't proceed to come home and blow up EJ's new baby pool and play with the hose just to keep them from destroying the house further. I also didn't let my one year old eat 3 tomatoes while I was doing that. I didn't let them play, fully clothed, in said baby pool and then strip them down to enjoy popsicles at 10am in the baby swings. Nope--not around here--no popsicles before noon and certainly no NAKED popsicle eating goes on around here :)

I also didn't forget to check the time and leave my neighbor and her kids on the front porch ringing the bell for 10 minutes while my children enjoyed their popsicles naked. They did find us in the back yard where I proceeded to NOT use the free labor of all the children to pick 25 cups of grapes for juice.

I didn' tlet my neighbor and her kids sweat and help me make 10 quarts of grape juice (and I most certainly didn't pay them in tomatoes, a watermelon, a pumpkin and 3 quarts of their own juice to enjoy).

Both of my kids were wearing absolutely adorable outfits so I could show them off to my neighbor AND my house was spotless. Lydia was certainly NOT running around in just a diaper and then in NOTHING when she decided to take the diaper off. Elijah was NOT wearing his pj pants backwards and no shirt. And my neighbor did NOT have to kick duplos out from under her feet so she could walk to the playroom couch to sit down. Never in my house would there be toys covering every inch of the carpet.

Nope, not around here. This is NOT a typical morning in the Denton household. We're nothing but class and our feet never track grass into the living room and we never forget to flush the toilets and Lydia never offers our guest little quares of toilet paper as a gift.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Potty Training??

Today at church Lydia told the workers she had to pee twice. When I picked her up they asked if we were potty training. I said we were "kinda" potty training and that Lyddie was just refusing a diaper and prefered to be like her brother. Tonight when I was giving her a bath she started saying peepee and stood up. I sat her on the toilet and she let loose! I can't believe she dind't just pee in the tub. We've got one week until vacation, one week of vacation and then I have 18 pairs of panties waiting for her :) She is so ready to train but I just don't want to mess with it at the beach--I remember that with Elijah--running from the ocean to the nearest pool house to use the bathroom. The other day we even caught a #2 in the potty. She loved waving bye bye to that one and watching it go down. Flushing is her big reward. I don't have to bribe her like I did with Elijah. She hates a diaper so much and just wants to be like her brother. Every time he goes she wants to go too.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

DINOmite Party!

Elijah's dinosaur party was DINOminte! [yes I am that dorky!] There are no pictures from the party because everyone else was taking them and I know they will email them to me. I decided to enjoy the party out from behind the lens of my camera :)

We had a great time. The little man made my day when he ran downstairs to see his cake first thing and exclaimed: "I'm the lucky duck!" when he saw it. He then proceeded to look at it, talk about it and generally rave about it for almost 20 minutes!! He loved the waterfall, the volcano and everything about it. I was so glad--I feel like the adults can be impressed but the true test is whether or not I make my little boy happy. He was and I did!!

We set about doing the few things we had to do for the party, chalking some footprints on the walk, decorating with the dinos, putting up the streamers, making the dip etc. Granny came a little early to help with Lydia and all the preparations. Lydia went down for an early nap (after a horrible night of teething) and was chipper and ready to party at 11. We were all set and ready to go at 11am when the guests showed up.

It was a blast! Elijah loved having his friends come over and he loved that I let him just graze on the fruit tray and chips. Hey! It was his party! The boys ate really well and played really well. The dino-egg hunt was a big hit--literally. Those eggs were NOT easy to crack open. Justin got the hammer and helped "hatch" the baby dinosaurs. It was great--Eljiah loved that part.

The other big hit of the party was the "Lava punch." I sent Justin to the Harris Teeter and he got dry ice. We put the dry ice in the punch and it bubbled and boiled and foamed for about 15 minutes. It was great!! The kids were a little apprehensive at first but quickly "warmed" to the idea of drinking lava. It was really cool and I felt really cool (especially when one of the other mom's said jokingly--'Hey can you plan my kids party?').

After a bit more play we settled down for cake. I put more dry ice in a shot glass I wedged in the top of the volcano. It bubbled and frothed and "erupted" during the whole Happy Birthday song and while I cut the cake. That was so cool!! The volcano was rice krispy treat and the cake was regular cake. The only thing that I forgot was to get out the ice cream. Oh well--I am sure Justin and Elijah will figure out SOMETHING to do with a half gallon of bryers ice cream :)
After cake the three year olds started having meltdowns and we decided to call it a party. A little over an hour is plenty for four 3 year-olds to play.
After cooling off from his tantrum in the 100 degree heat outside on his playground for a bit, Elijah was ready to open presents. He tore through them with a toddler's zeal and wanted to stop and play with each of them. We had to keep egging him on. The big hits were the digital camera and the 3D chalk and the mini-couch.
It was a great day!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Quotes from a 3-Year Old

"I have absolutely no idea where my bag has gotten to."

When I picked him up from VBS today.

When did being 3 mean talking like an old lady?

My Hero!!

Today I was totally stressing. We had a leak in our roof--it was supposed to be an easy fix--$500 estimate.

They got here and found that our roof, which is only 5 years old, was not bonded and was leaking EVERYWHERE. [Don't worry we have a second opinion coming at 3pm but it doesn't look good]

The leak we noticed was in the downstairs bath, it had soaked through the attic, upstairs wall, insulation and finally showed up downstairs. We thought it must have been a plumbing leak but it wasn't. Once the plumber cut the hole in our ceiling and couldn't find a leak we got him to leave it. The next rain storm water was streaming down. Thankfully, the inside of the house isn't rotten.

So anyway, they showed me in the attic where it was leaking--everywhere. Now instead of looking at a $500 repair, we're looking at a $5500 roof replacement. Shock! Shock!

I was stressing when the guy told me all this. We just got new windows and wiped out our savings. We had been saving for windows for quite some time. Now less than one month later we have this HUGE expense. Add that to our unplanned third baby that we can't figure out how to fit in the car we currently have--which means we're looking at buying a van and selling a car. Also, Justin's work just laid off a bunch of people so he is stressed at work. And I am preggo--hormonal and emotional from that--and sleep deprived from no naps yesterday and no sleeping last night. Not a good day.

Then--PRAISE GOD--I got home from picking Elijah up from bible school and my hero (aka Justin) was home for lunch. He could tell I was stressing and came to the rescue. He talked with the roof man, he went on the roof he looked in the attic. He heard first hand what the roofing guy had to say. Then he came in the house and hugged me and told me it wasn't my fault that we didn't see this coming. It wasn't my fault for pushing the windows. It wasn't my fault that we had a leak and that he was glad that we caught it before it got any worse and stuff started rotting. The situation hasn't changed but my knight in shining armor showed up and saved me from my own worries and blaming myself.

If you can lift Justin up in prayer I would appreciate it! He is stressing as our only provider. This is a big expense. He is feeling pressure financially, at home with the baby on the way, with me (losing weight and being tired with the pregnancy), and he is fighting a sinus infection. Yet he still came to save me today at lunch.

I love my husband.

I am so glad I don't have to do this parenting/homeowner/responsible adult thing alone.

My husband rocks!!

Happy Birthday Elijah!!!

Happy Birthday to my little man--Elijah is 3 today!!! I can't believe I have a three year old. The first words out of his mouth this morning were "I'm three--can I have a piece of gum now?" Mommy--ever at the ready--had a brand new pack of Orbit gum waiting for him at the breakfast table. It was a hit--though he swallowed it after about 30 seconds. We'll have to work on the gum chewing.

After a breif discussion we decided to go ahead and do presents this morning. Both kids were up the majority of the night so that does not bode well for a cheerful evening tonight. They were both pretty cheerful first thing this morning so we decided to go for it. The big hit was the color with water book of Spiderman pictures. He didn't even bat an eyelash as the scooter we got for him he was so engrossed in the water color book. Oh well--best laid plans . . . You can never figure out what a 3 year old will like the most.
Elijah is incredibly excited about the cupcakes I made for him to take to Crocodile Dock VBS--he has already picked out the one that he wants to eat at Snack time. I hope he gets to pick first :)

Other than what we've done we don't have any birthday plans. He'll get his cake and do the family and friend thing on Saturday at his party.

Happy Birthday Elijah!! We love you buddy!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Synonomous with Fun!

Lyddie: "Outside Mommy Peeeease?"
Me: "Why do you want to go outside?"
Lyddie: "Win Win"
Me: "I don't understand, what's 'win'?"
Lyddie: "Rock Rock, un do tree weeeeeeeeee!!!!" (and throws her arms in the air)
Me: "Oh the SWING--rock rock, one two three wheeeeee!!!"
Lyddie: "Outside Now????"
Me: "Sure--let's get our shoes."
Lyddie: "Snack--eat--eat a-mah-doos"
Me: "Sure we can eat some tomatoes too."

Lyddie was so happy. She ran and got two tomatoes and ate them in the swing. I was just ver impressed with her 16 month old powers of communication. Mommy didn't understand when I said "swing" OK--I will say it in a way she can understand. My little linguist!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Garden Bounty!

Feel free to drool at our glorious garden's bounty!! This week was VERY good to us. The kids and I went out Saturday morning and picked all of our produce! We got a sugar baby watermelon, a squash, TONS of tomatoes, 4 bell eppers, GRAPES, and jalapenos. Justin went out later and picked even MORE jalepenos (I stopped because Ididn't want the kids touching them and then touching their eyes--those babies are HOT!).

So what did we do with it all?? Well, Justin watched the kids and I made over 10 pints of Salsa (1/2 hot and 1/2 mild) with the jalepenos, romas and bell peppers. I cut up over 16 cups of tomatoes and still had some left over!! Elijah and I made grape juice (see pic below). We made 7 quarts (which we'll dilute by 1/2 once we actually use it). That was only about 1/5 of our grapes so we will probably end up making more grape juice this week. We grow seeded concord grapes so they are great for juice. After all that canning--yep, hot water bath, glass jars and lids!!--we enjoyed the afternoon with me and Lyddie napping and Justin and EJ going to the park to feed the geese.