Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beachy Fun in the Sun!

We're having a blast! Wish you could see some of the pictures we have taken of the kids BUT we don't have a memory card reader that works with my memory card and we don't have the little cord to connect the camera to the computer so you will just have to wait until Sunday or Monday next week to see proof of the wonderful time we're having at the beach.

We have settled into a bit of a routine here--up (at the crack of dawn, 5:30 or 6am--despite VERY late bedtimes of 8:30 or 9pm), snacks and chilling out with Noggin' while the growups drink coffee, corralling the children to eat breakfast, wrestling the children into their bathing suits and slathering everyone up with lotion, popsicles in the wagon on the way to the beach and BEACH it by 8:30am!! About 11:30am we head to the pool for a quick rinse (we hose off first), then lunch, naps, bathing suits and sunscreen again, BEACH it by 4:30pm. About 6ish we pack eveything up and head back to the pool for an hour or so, head to the room, feed and bathe the kiddos and get them into bed. Then we eat and fall into bed exhausted ourselves. Its amazing what two kids can do to three adults (we have grampy here helping us).

Monday we went to the aquarium and Monday night the boys all went crabbing at the beach. EJ stayed up until after 9pm exploring. That made for a very grumpy Tuesday :) He recovered after a 3 hour nap and we had a great evening Tuesday. Today we did the normal except that the kiddos ate Picnic Style at the pool. Elijah though that was AWESOME!! He's a cheap date--some spicy chips and a picnic table and he is a very happy camper.

Lyddie and Elijah are both loving the beach. They don't mind sand everywhere and willingly eat sandy salty foods. They are both so adventerous--running into the waves, getting knocked down. I don't let them see how much it freaks me out to have a huge wave crash on them and knock them over but my heart is in my throat and someone is always VERY close by to grab them up. We've had great seas the past two days--so calm and wonderful. I've been able to get our in the water with no concern for baby Denton#3. Unfortunately, the waves are starting to get rougher as Bill nears our coast. Today the wind was up too. The kids still had a good time playing though. We're going to beach it as much as we can before the weather turns. We have been so blessed with nothing but sunny skies. Even if the weather does turn nasty there is a wonderful indoor pool that we can hang out in.

That's it for now!

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