Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Bye Bye Pee Pee"

**Update: Lyddie used the same pair of "dunders" all day (except for her nap) I am so proud of my little pee-er** Lyddie loves to use the potty--even when wearing a diaper at home she is going. We only used one diaper yesterday and that was at naptime. Its nice but I hope she doesn't get too frustrated at the beach next week on vacation. I am actually getting excited about coming back and getting her 100% trained--it will be nice not to have to wash diaper loads twice a week. She wanted to wear her "dunders" like brother today. She saw them when I was folding laundry and wanted them on. They are so baggy and they are the smallest I can find!! She is a size 12/18 months and the 2T/3T just swallow her little butt--too cute! She grabbed them and started saying "dunders" and pulling at her diaper and saying "off!" Elijah immediately informed her that they aren't unders that girls wear "tee-pees." I gently corrected him and told him panties, not tee-pees. So now he is calling them "pandies" and she is calling them "dunders" and I am just laughing at my little monkeys.

Here's my angel waving to her pee-pees.

Here are my monkeys--Lyddie pulled out the table to climb on the sofa table. Elijah immediately joined in the fun. Nothing is safe!!

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Margareta said...

Wonderful kids you have! :-D)