Saturday, August 08, 2009

DINOmite Party!

Elijah's dinosaur party was DINOminte! [yes I am that dorky!] There are no pictures from the party because everyone else was taking them and I know they will email them to me. I decided to enjoy the party out from behind the lens of my camera :)

We had a great time. The little man made my day when he ran downstairs to see his cake first thing and exclaimed: "I'm the lucky duck!" when he saw it. He then proceeded to look at it, talk about it and generally rave about it for almost 20 minutes!! He loved the waterfall, the volcano and everything about it. I was so glad--I feel like the adults can be impressed but the true test is whether or not I make my little boy happy. He was and I did!!

We set about doing the few things we had to do for the party, chalking some footprints on the walk, decorating with the dinos, putting up the streamers, making the dip etc. Granny came a little early to help with Lydia and all the preparations. Lydia went down for an early nap (after a horrible night of teething) and was chipper and ready to party at 11. We were all set and ready to go at 11am when the guests showed up.

It was a blast! Elijah loved having his friends come over and he loved that I let him just graze on the fruit tray and chips. Hey! It was his party! The boys ate really well and played really well. The dino-egg hunt was a big hit--literally. Those eggs were NOT easy to crack open. Justin got the hammer and helped "hatch" the baby dinosaurs. It was great--Eljiah loved that part.

The other big hit of the party was the "Lava punch." I sent Justin to the Harris Teeter and he got dry ice. We put the dry ice in the punch and it bubbled and boiled and foamed for about 15 minutes. It was great!! The kids were a little apprehensive at first but quickly "warmed" to the idea of drinking lava. It was really cool and I felt really cool (especially when one of the other mom's said jokingly--'Hey can you plan my kids party?').

After a bit more play we settled down for cake. I put more dry ice in a shot glass I wedged in the top of the volcano. It bubbled and frothed and "erupted" during the whole Happy Birthday song and while I cut the cake. That was so cool!! The volcano was rice krispy treat and the cake was regular cake. The only thing that I forgot was to get out the ice cream. Oh well--I am sure Justin and Elijah will figure out SOMETHING to do with a half gallon of bryers ice cream :)
After cake the three year olds started having meltdowns and we decided to call it a party. A little over an hour is plenty for four 3 year-olds to play.
After cooling off from his tantrum in the 100 degree heat outside on his playground for a bit, Elijah was ready to open presents. He tore through them with a toddler's zeal and wanted to stop and play with each of them. We had to keep egging him on. The big hits were the digital camera and the 3D chalk and the mini-couch.
It was a great day!


bethany said...

That cake is AMAZING!! My parties are totally lame-we never have a theme. In fact, Storey's hardly getting a party at all, just a few family members coming over. Oh well. :)
You are Super Mom!!

april said...

That is an awesome cake!!!