Sunday, August 16, 2009

Everything is Beachy Keen :)

We're having a great time at the beach thus far. We got here yesterday with two very tired munchkins and headed straight for the beach. It was wonderful--the surf was so calm, there were these little pools on the beach and granny and grampy had already set up camp. We played almost 2 hours and then came back and chilled out in the pool for 30 minutes or so to get most of the sand off before baths, dinner in front of the TV and bed! Elijah settled right down but Lydia was a little freaked by the surroundings. She had a rough night but he slept soundly.

This morning Elijah didn't want to beach it so he and daddy and I headed to the pool while Lydia got some Granny and Grampy time down on the beach. We played until lunchtime and I got to talk with some other Mommies at the pool while Daddy swam with Elijah. After naps that were far too short for my liking we headed back to the pool and then the beach.

We cheered Daddy on as he "surfed" on Elijah's boogie board. Elijah thought it was wonderful! Those same little pools had formed again so the kids had fun "surfing" on those while I pulled them around using the leash on the boogie board. The tide got the better of us and attacked our stuff before we realized it and granny's camera got wet, thus no photos :( Today the surf was really rough and Elijah had fun playing in all of the foam while holding on to our hands. He didn't want to go out at all (and I was really glad!).

We had dinner again in front of the TV and I think Elijah is starting to really like that. He is getting all sorts of stuff he likes--apples and peanut butter, crackers and cheese, strawberry milk, yogurt, gourp . . . finger foods and getting to vege on stuff like Dora's pirate Adventure. We are letting both kids completely snack out on stuff all day to prevent grumpy attitudes, but its healthy stuff. This afternoon EJ ate a nectarine, a Kiwi, cheese, a banana and pineapple smoothie and some crackers. Their appetites are huge because they are constantly on the go.

We're looking forward to more fun in the sun tomorrow. So far the only thing on our agenda for the whole week is that Daddy and Elijah want to go and play putt-putt, something they have never done. It should be fun I think, but I don't think there is any way they will play all 18 holes :) Going out to eat some shrimp would be nice too, but relaxing in the room and not going anywhere in the car is so wonderful.

I think I have also found a new favorite smell--Baby shampoo and sunscreen. I swear I couldn't get enough of the way the kids hair smelled tonight--delicious!

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