Monday, August 03, 2009

Garden Bounty!

Feel free to drool at our glorious garden's bounty!! This week was VERY good to us. The kids and I went out Saturday morning and picked all of our produce! We got a sugar baby watermelon, a squash, TONS of tomatoes, 4 bell eppers, GRAPES, and jalapenos. Justin went out later and picked even MORE jalepenos (I stopped because Ididn't want the kids touching them and then touching their eyes--those babies are HOT!).

So what did we do with it all?? Well, Justin watched the kids and I made over 10 pints of Salsa (1/2 hot and 1/2 mild) with the jalepenos, romas and bell peppers. I cut up over 16 cups of tomatoes and still had some left over!! Elijah and I made grape juice (see pic below). We made 7 quarts (which we'll dilute by 1/2 once we actually use it). That was only about 1/5 of our grapes so we will probably end up making more grape juice this week. We grow seeded concord grapes so they are great for juice. After all that canning--yep, hot water bath, glass jars and lids!!--we enjoyed the afternoon with me and Lyddie napping and Justin and EJ going to the park to feed the geese.

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Alysun said...

Very impressive:)