Saturday, August 22, 2009

Home at Last

We had a great last day at the beach. TONS of waves thanks to Bill. When we left they had come all the wya up the beach and were on the dunes. It was a sight to see!! We ran into a bit of rain on the way back but it wasn't bad. We're already unpacked, the boys have gotten their shaggy hair cut, we're all clean and the kiddos are down for the night. Ahhhh!
Now for some pictures!

The whole clan:

Me, Lydia and Baby Denton #3--I don't look 5 months preggo do I??

Justin and Grampy kyaking in the sound. Elijah, Granny and Lydia wading in the reeds.

The kids and the ocean--too wonderful!

Elijah--completely in his element!
Lydia loved the waves too!

And the sand!

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