Friday, August 21, 2009

Last Night :(

Tonight is our last one at the beach this year. It's been a great week for the whole family. I am sad to leave but ready to get back into a regular routine that hopefully involves everyone sleeping just a little bit more :) I am always on the quest for more sleep :)

Lyddie is down early tonight after a very short nap this afternoon. I just couldn't take the grump anymore. Elijah napped great so he is enjoying some time at the beach with granny and daddy. That boy is a beach bum! He loves it! I think he is going to really miss it. He was been "getting knocked silly" by the waves and "getting knocked for a loopty-loop" too. Its cute when he gets knocked silly--it has the same effect as pushing his "silly button" and he runs and screams and whoops and waves his arms around. Too funny! Lyddie started "spash aking" (splash walking) today where she stomps through the receding waves. It is funny to watch. She is a huge fan of all of the "big butts" (big boats) that are parked outside and that she sees in the water.

We're all sporting dark tans despite the SPF 50 and 60 we've been using all week. No one got even a hint of pink on them though so I am satisfied with our level of sun protection. Can I just say how WONDERFUL those little sun shirts are with the SPF 50?? Not having to slather the entire child makes such a difference!

Justin and I had our "date night" last night. We slept at my parent's house on the sound. It was nice to get away from the kiddos for a bit and just do our couple thing. We went to Panera bread for dinner (Delicious!) and went shopping for a picture frame (didn't find one :( ) and got a movie to vege with. We watched that movie and Raising Arizona and then crashed for a night of uninterrupted sleep. Ahhhh . . . sleep! My parents watched the kids here at the condo and had fun with them.

Headed home in the morning if the weather is as nasty as predicted. We're hoping for some sun so that we can beach it one last time before we go. I would love to exhaust the children at the beach and then rinse them off and head home around lunchtime.

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