Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lyddie is a Whizzing Fool!

Yesterday we started "officially" potty training Lydia. She has been doing great on her own but yesterday she was 100% underpants (except for nap and bed). She did great. Only one accident and that was right after nap when she was still groggy. This morning we had one almost accident--a little bit down the leg the rest in the potty. She even stayed dry the 1.5 hours at childwatch. Its hard to believe that EJ was just two months older when we potty trained him--these kids just hate diapers! I figured we've got all Fall together before Bella comes and before Lydia might start preschool in January. That should be plenty of time to get it down pat.

I have to admit it is a lot more work for me right now but I am hoping for a great payoff. I am motivated by no more cloth diaper loads of laundry until Bella comes. It will also be nice not having two in diapers.

Funny Elijah Quote:
We were trying to decide what we were going to eat for a snack after the gym and he wanted a Cars yogurt (which we don't have). I suggested a few alternatives and he said:
"No mom. Please stop thinking. I am going to start brainstorming and come up with what I want myself."

He came up with chips and salsa and he ate almost a 1/2 pint of homemade salsa with only 8 chips. Whew! They were piled high!

Lyddie chose a yogurt and three pickles and dipped them. No she's not pregnant :)

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