Friday, August 14, 2009

Mr. 3 Year Old

How is my little boy already THREE???!!! I took him to Sears today and expected a total fiasco but was pleasantly surprised with a little angel. EJ got up at 3am and threw tantrums all morning. I was so worried that he was going to flip out at the portrait studio. I had already gotten a babysitter for Lyddie though so I thought I would go ahead and risk it. Boy am I glad we went! He was so proud of his "Handsome Clothes" and his "3- year old shoes." He was cooperative and obedient and just a general pleasure. She was able to get TONS of great shots. Too bad I only had $10 to spend! Here are the poses.

OK--I think this one is dumb but it is the only full body shot--I just wanted to show off the really cute outfit.

He looks so angelic in this one! Fake smile :(

This looks like a 1950's school picture to me--he looks so much older than 3!!
Oh--too grown up--he looks like he's 5!
This is the one I ordered--classic Elijah expression and I love the diagonal angle on it. Got the portrait package of this one--$7.99 BABY!! Free 10x13 too!!

This is the only other one I was tempted to order--I love his smile in this one--precious!

The classic--pose with a big #3--He wanted this one but then didn't like it when he saw it on the computer.


Alysun said...

These turned out fantastic!! I love the angled one, too:)

bethany said...

The angled one turned out great-hey, you only need to purchase one right?