Thursday, August 06, 2009

My Hero!!

Today I was totally stressing. We had a leak in our roof--it was supposed to be an easy fix--$500 estimate.

They got here and found that our roof, which is only 5 years old, was not bonded and was leaking EVERYWHERE. [Don't worry we have a second opinion coming at 3pm but it doesn't look good]

The leak we noticed was in the downstairs bath, it had soaked through the attic, upstairs wall, insulation and finally showed up downstairs. We thought it must have been a plumbing leak but it wasn't. Once the plumber cut the hole in our ceiling and couldn't find a leak we got him to leave it. The next rain storm water was streaming down. Thankfully, the inside of the house isn't rotten.

So anyway, they showed me in the attic where it was leaking--everywhere. Now instead of looking at a $500 repair, we're looking at a $5500 roof replacement. Shock! Shock!

I was stressing when the guy told me all this. We just got new windows and wiped out our savings. We had been saving for windows for quite some time. Now less than one month later we have this HUGE expense. Add that to our unplanned third baby that we can't figure out how to fit in the car we currently have--which means we're looking at buying a van and selling a car. Also, Justin's work just laid off a bunch of people so he is stressed at work. And I am preggo--hormonal and emotional from that--and sleep deprived from no naps yesterday and no sleeping last night. Not a good day.

Then--PRAISE GOD--I got home from picking Elijah up from bible school and my hero (aka Justin) was home for lunch. He could tell I was stressing and came to the rescue. He talked with the roof man, he went on the roof he looked in the attic. He heard first hand what the roofing guy had to say. Then he came in the house and hugged me and told me it wasn't my fault that we didn't see this coming. It wasn't my fault for pushing the windows. It wasn't my fault that we had a leak and that he was glad that we caught it before it got any worse and stuff started rotting. The situation hasn't changed but my knight in shining armor showed up and saved me from my own worries and blaming myself.

If you can lift Justin up in prayer I would appreciate it! He is stressing as our only provider. This is a big expense. He is feeling pressure financially, at home with the baby on the way, with me (losing weight and being tired with the pregnancy), and he is fighting a sinus infection. Yet he still came to save me today at lunch.

I love my husband.

I am so glad I don't have to do this parenting/homeowner/responsible adult thing alone.

My husband rocks!!

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