Sunday, August 09, 2009

Potty Training??

Today at church Lydia told the workers she had to pee twice. When I picked her up they asked if we were potty training. I said we were "kinda" potty training and that Lyddie was just refusing a diaper and prefered to be like her brother. Tonight when I was giving her a bath she started saying peepee and stood up. I sat her on the toilet and she let loose! I can't believe she dind't just pee in the tub. We've got one week until vacation, one week of vacation and then I have 18 pairs of panties waiting for her :) She is so ready to train but I just don't want to mess with it at the beach--I remember that with Elijah--running from the ocean to the nearest pool house to use the bathroom. The other day we even caught a #2 in the potty. She loved waving bye bye to that one and watching it go down. Flushing is her big reward. I don't have to bribe her like I did with Elijah. She hates a diaper so much and just wants to be like her brother. Every time he goes she wants to go too.

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