Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ride 'Em Cowboy and Cowgirl!

Lydia and Elijah both had a blast at Tess' today. Tess was turning 7 and her riding instructor offered to bring a horse to the house on her birthday. How awesome is that?? Well after 11 rides on the merry go round this morning at the spray park we felt pretty prepared for the horse ride this afternoon. (At least all the practice made Elijah very brave about the whole horse ride thing).

Here is Lydia having a blast. She kept saying "Horsey ee-haa" (Horsey YeeHa!) She rode one handed most of the time. She was such a daredevil and not scared at all. Of course I had a death grip on her leg the whole time in case she decided to lunge off the side. She didn't do that though and had a blast!
Yes--she is red as a beet. I think it was about 400 degrees out there this afternoon. We were sweating buckets. Poor horse was probably miserable but was so good natured! Look at that grin!!

Elijah actually rode before Lydia but the pics didn't load that way. I am too lazy to switch them. He was so brave! He was about the 4th kid to get on and the BIG boy just ahead of him freaked out and started sobbing and didn't even get on. I thought Elijah would freak but he jumped right on. He started saying "YeeHa! I am just like Pecos Bill!! I am a cowboy. Mommy are you watching me--I am cowboy Elijah!!!"

Not sure if you can see the smile or not--he was concentrating and trying to grin

A big thank you to Leanne who invited us! It was beyond awesome and my kids loved it!

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