Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Synonomous with Fun!

Lyddie: "Outside Mommy Peeeease?"
Me: "Why do you want to go outside?"
Lyddie: "Win Win"
Me: "I don't understand, what's 'win'?"
Lyddie: "Rock Rock, un do tree weeeeeeeeee!!!!" (and throws her arms in the air)
Me: "Oh the SWING--rock rock, one two three wheeeeee!!!"
Lyddie: "Outside Now????"
Me: "Sure--let's get our shoes."
Lyddie: "Snack--eat--eat a-mah-doos"
Me: "Sure we can eat some tomatoes too."

Lyddie was so happy. She ran and got two tomatoes and ate them in the swing. I was just ver impressed with her 16 month old powers of communication. Mommy didn't understand when I said "swing" OK--I will say it in a way she can understand. My little linguist!!

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