Friday, August 28, 2009

Things I DIDN'T do today :)

Not me Monday is on Vacation--Here is my Not me Friday!

1) I didn't encourage my children to act like vacuums and suck their popcorn off the floor with their lips after they spilled it. Nope--not me! And it didn't keep them busy for 5 minutes either while I cleaned the downstairs bathroom.

2) I didn't put the TV on timeout yesterday over bad behavior and then REALLY regret my decision today. I didn't ALMOST cave to my temptation to turn on the mindless tube in an effort to make my life easier. No-never!

3) I didn't cut a huge doughnut in the front yard with the NEW AND TOTALLY AWESOME riding mower my parents got me as a surprise present. Nope--I am so talented that I know how to ride a mower with no lessons at all from my very patient father. I also didn't have to go back over some spots I missed because I have no idea how to turn the thing and not leave a little tuft of uncut grass. And I didn't have to stop and leave the big doughnut becuase of the rain.

4) I didn't make a pan of chocolate chip cookies because my kiddos were getting grouchy and restless from no naps. Nope--sugar never solves ANYTHING :)

5) Finally, I am not debating whether or not I should just eat that delicious PILE of leftover mashed spuds with butter for dinner--no--that wouldn't be healthy! I need fruits, veggies--a balanced diet! Of course I did have greens at lunch time . . . and I didn't just eat two pickles while trying to decide on dinner either--that would just be weird :)

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