Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Today Mr. Mark came back to the gym after being deployed for many many months. Elijah was excited because they had doughnut holes to celebrate his return. Elijah and Lydia each got one hole and went to go and say "hi". Elijah was pretty bashful--he didn't remember Mark very well. Elijah asked about his camo pants and Mark said that he was a soldier in the army. Elijah said: "Mommy--he is a superhero! I met a real superhero! He fights the bad guys!" All day long he was talking about bad guys and fighting them and did Mr. Mark use a gun to hurt the bad guys so they had to go to the doctor instead of hurting us. It is hard to explain to a 3 year old!! He then asked if Mr. Mark knew Spiderman since they were both superheros. No sweetie, Spiderman isn't part of the US Army :)

I taught both kiddos to say "Thank you for protecting me." (Lyddie shortened it to just "Thank you!")

No matter what my personal opinions are about the war on terror or wars in general, the soldiers do an awesome job and we do appreciate you guys and you are superheros!

Funny Sayings . . .

"Look Mom--I have a surprise for you. I made snow!" (EJ--after empting baby powder in his room)

"Mommy--Mommy--Paci fell--uh-oh! Mommy. All done. 'cused Please! Outside. Mommy Mommy!!!" (Lydia--up since 4am begging to be freed from her crib)

"Mommy. No bite bug. No bite but-a-fie" (Lydia pointing to bugs and telling me she wasn't going to eat these ones)

"Brabuh--I wuv you." (Lydia playing with EJ in the playroom)

"No! You can't keep her. Hers is my sissy. I get to keep her and take her home with me." (Elijah to the nursery worker holding Lydia on Sunday)

"Mama's got a fresh baby growing inside. Hers is Isabelle. Hers isn't ripe yet. Hers will be ripe after Chrsitmas but she won't be in our stocking. " (Elijah explaining to Lydia about Isabelle)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Girl!

Mmmmm.. nothing like a snack of Kix, Dried Cherries and Almonds to bring a smile to your face! (Well that and a rougue dog in the backyard)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Smells like trouble in here . . .

Last night, Lyddie had a coughing fit at 9:30pm--she freaked, Elijah freaked, we got everyone calmed down. I went to bed at 10pm and Elijah was still up. He peed, I rocked him, I snugged him, I thought all was well. I brushed my teeth and at 10:30 I turned in. At 10:45 he comes in and says he wants to sleep with me. He is crying and upset so I let him. At 11:45 I kick him out--he is tossing turning, poking, prodding, kicking, licking and generally being annoying. At midnight he comes back in "just to close my windows." I told him if he got up again he was going to get a spanking. He commensed to screaming and throwing a fit. Daddy heard and came upstairs and told him to be quiet and get in bed. He messed around, opening drawers, turning on his light, reading books etc. until about 3 am when he finally fell asleep. UGH! I knew we were in for a rough day. I heard him get up at 6am. I couldn't believe it--I was so sure he would sleep in at least a little bit. He was quiet and I thought he was looking at books. At 6:30 his alarm light goes off so I went in to get him. This is what I found . . . .

Yes--an entire bottle of baby powder that he got from the closet. We use it to get the sand off at the beach. It was emptied everywhere. I thought I liked the smell of baby powder until I had to clean this up on two hours of sleep. I don't like the smell anymore. His mood is about what I would expect from a 3 year old on 3 hours of sleep. Unfortunately, his sissy is in a bad mood too from staying up until 8:30 playing in her crib, couging and being up at 9:30, EJ waking her at midnight and 6am.
Boy oh Boy--what a Monday!! I can't wait for naptime today!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lyddie's Session

This is the one I ended up ordering the package of. I kinda like it--I don't love any of the pics that photographer took. At least you can see her hair and teeth--that's the biggest change from 12 month pictures.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flowing Flames

Elijah just told me, as we were snuggling for bed:
"I have Flowing Flames coming out of my chin."
"Hmmm---what are those sweetheart? "
"You know mom--like last night in my knee and elbow. I am growing fast. I have flowing flames."
"Do you mean GROWING PAINS?"
"Yeah--the flames are coming out of my chin--can you see them?"

Riding Pretty!

So yeah--I am 26 weeks pregnant and probably shouldn't be toting 70 lbs. of child and bike cart around the neighborhood for a 2 mile bike ride, but I did. Tuesday afternoon I took the kiddos on a little trip in the trailer. They loved it. Now to figure out where to stick Bella when she gets here . . .

What a day!

Wow--so last night was awful. Elijah didn't go to sleep until about 10 pm, Lyddie was up at 2am and then up for good at 4am. EJ got up early too--two grumpy kiddos!

Took Lyddie to get her picture made at Sears. We already had the appointment and couldn't cancel. A tired 18 month old and a picture studio=bad idea!! We got a couple of cute shots but the photographer was AWFUL and Lydia was grouchy and not loving having to lay down and stuff! I know Sears can do so much better--I generally love Sears. This new girl had no energy, didn't want to use any props, didn't take the photos in focus, wasn't willing to get down on the floor. Come on--Lyddie is 18 months old--she isn't going to sit still and smile when you say "cheese!" She also didn't know how to ring me up at the register or use my coupons. UGH! I hope we don't ever get her again. The other photographer Sears has is really good.

Anyway--still waiting for the pics to get posted on Sears online then I'll share them.

Hoping for some good naps this afternoon. I need a nap!! I was just thinking back to how tired I was when I was preggo with Elijah--I used to nap on the floor in my office and that was WITH a full night of sleep. Poor baby #3--I sleep 3 or 4 hours at night and maybe get a nap during the day. Its a wonder the poor thing is even growing! Between getting body slammed by the kids playing, me getting sick and not eating and not sleeping this baby is getting the shaft. Maybe she'll come a day early just to get out of there sooner and we can get the tax exemption :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Busy Weekend!

We've had a busy weekend. My parents took the kiddos to the beach for one last hurrah before the weather changes. From talking with my mom it seems they had a blast. I am sure EJ will tell me all about it when he gets home later today.

Justin and I took some much needed time and cleaned out the attic yesterday. It was a HORRIBLE mess!! The roofers left nails and there were splinters everywhere. It needed to be done, our exersaucer, swing, clothes, luggage and decorations were all covered! Everytime we opened the pull down door it would rain down splinters--not good! We took everything out and cleaned it all. I also headed to Walmart for some clear totes to pack the hand me down clothes in. Whew! It is so wonderfully organized now! We only found one box of stuff that needed to be sorted--everything else was pretty organized. We went through some toys and stuff that we had stuck up there and made a "yard sale" pile in the outside garage. We also took all of EJ's old clothes out of the attic since we know we won't be needing those again. Its amazing how much space that freed up!!

We started yesterday at 9:30 and finished up about 9:30 last night. I guess it was such a go go go day for me I couldn't settle down. Apparantly I am NOT superwoman and being 6 months pregnant and on your feet for 12 hours lifting and working isn't the best thing in the world! After about 10 trips up and down the stairs I started counting and I went up and down 97 times. We have 14 steps--that is a workout! I ended up with a horrible backache and heartburn from eating pizza at 10pm. I finally fell asleep about 4am and was up and at 'em for church today at 7:30. Now it is naptime and here I sit with heartburn again :( I wish wish wish my belly would pop out! Not only do I want to look pregnant I KNOW I would be much more comfortable without all this baby squishing my guts. I feel like if my belly would just give way and pooch I would have more room for myself. Right now I can eat one or two bites of food and then I get horribly nauseated. About 10 minutes later I can eat another bite or two. I think it is just a lack of physical room in there because water and drinks make me sick too. Oh well--I am 26ish weeks pregnant and still in all of my normal clothes--I am hoping to pooch soon. I really want to get the lovely round preggy belly and have strangers notice I am preggo.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ahhh--Computer is Fixed!

Its been a long three days. Lydia got into the computer and turned it on and off about 20 times and freaked it out. Super Hubby came to the rescue and did the disk repair and stuff. It took 3 days and he ended up taking our computer to work with him today to fix it there. Totally legit, he uses the computer to remote access into work to fix stuff after hours. He was such a good sport about it--didn't seem to get frustrated with me or anything about it. He knows how fast she is!!

We've been busy around here too. Getting back into the preschool routine is taking a lot out of us. We also had Elijah's dentist appointment and Lydia's 18 month checkup this week. Whew!

Mmmmm.. making homemade chocolate chip cookies on a rainy day. These smell marginally better than chocolate cake--at least the kids LIKE chocolate chip cookies. Justin was happy to have them too. I'm the only one that doesn't like chocolate around here :)And now to build up their salmonilla tolerance (j/k I use pasturized eggs when I cook with the kiddos)

Fun in the wagon with Daddy on Saturday. They love going fast in the wagon. And yes--I do routinely allow my children to play around outside with no pants on. They nap with no bottoms, come downstairs with no bottoms and eat their snack bottomless. If we end up having snack outside they just stay bottomless. They'll be too old to do this too soon so I enjoy it while I can!

"Mr. Thirsty" and "The Tooth Tickler" were a big hit at the dentist. Ej was a champ!! They couldn't believe how awesome he did there!

Mmmm--flouride!! This little 3 minute treatment led to a chemical induced afternoon of tantrums and no nap and a sleepless night :(

Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Since it's been a few weeks I decided to do another Not Me Monday. I love these things--makes me laugh about some of the things that have happened this week.

Today I didn't laugh when Elijah said that his butt itched, took off his pants and put the balloon his sissy got at Harris Teeter in his crack. I didn't let him run around like that simply to avoid yet another tantrum and because I was seriously enjoying it. No mother could enjoy that sort of spectacle--it would just be wrong!

I also didn't laugh at my dear son when he fell at the park and his face came about 2 inches from a writing spider. He was terrified and screaming and crying and insisted we leave the park. I also didn't yell at my sweet angel of a little girl to not eat the same spider. I've never let my little girl eat a spider because I wasn't quick enough to grab it out of her hand. On that note, she's never eaten a japaneese beetle crawling on the grapes either.

Today, I didn't act like a CSI and do chalk outlines of my kids on the driveway. I didn't pose them arms and legs askew just to have a good laugh. I also didn't color them in and look at them through the 3D chalk glasses--that would just be childish. I didn't lick a piece of chack to see why Lydia insists on taking huge bites out of it every chance she gets. That would just be gross.

Those are just a few of the things we didn't do this week. What didn't you do?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Prayers for a Dear Friend

Hey readers!
Please lift my friend Sonya up tonight and over the next few days. She is the midwife that brought Elijah safely into this world. She is a very special part of our lives and she is facing an awful challenge. Yesterday Sonya lost her husband, Chuck, in a car accident. She is now living in GA (where they moved while I was pregnant with Lydia for his job) 8 hours from her family. She has 6 beautiful children, the youngest of whom is just 2 years old. This is a tragic loss for a dear friend and I know she would appreciate your prayers!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh the things they say!

Heard around my house this morning . . .

"I just kicked her in the head because she walked by me and I couldn't see through her and I wanted her out of my way."

Well of course!

"I don't want to stop climbing on you mommy. I like you better than my playground. You are more fun to fall on--you are nice and squishy, my playground is hard."

More time at the gym??

"Bra-bru bonk me!"

Uh-huh--and you bit him and hit him too . . . You guys are gonna kill each other!

and my favorite of Lydia's--heard many times a day but this time in reference to the tater tots I served them for lunch:
"What dat is?"

Now Elijah is singing Frere Jacques--
"Where's my chocolate, Where's my chocolate, Door me you, Door me you, Some me late a tino, Some me late a tino, Ding Ding Dong!"

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Preschool Begins!

Preschool: 2009 Preschool: 2008--look how little he was last year!

Elijah loved preschool today. He walked right in with no problems. Initially he told me that he didn't want to go to preschool today. I think he just didn't want to have to get dressed. When I told him his other option was to go to childwatch and then with me to the OB he decided that preschool sounded pretty fun after all.

We got there at the same time as Sammy, one of his buddies from last year. They said hey and went in together. It was an easy drop off--I guess neither one of us had any real anxiety. I am not one of those teary mothers. I didn't cry last year and I didn't cry this year. Lyddie cried though--she didn't want to leave her brother.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Sticky Sticky Sticky!

Last night we were making some Christmas gifts with our organic grapes from the garden. Yes--I may be ruining the surprise for some people but this story is too funny not to share and I know I am going to want to put it in the scrapbook.

We were really excited. The grape juice we made earlier this year is delicious--we just opened our first jar this week. The kids love it, we love it and no one has died from botulism so we're good :)

Anyway--we were making this grape jelly/marmalade/walnut jam thing I found in an old recipe book. We had burst all the grapes, zested all the oranges and lemons, squeezed juice until we knew every single cut and scrape on our knuckles by heart. . . you get the idea. We were having a great time, cleaning as we went and the kiddos were in bed. It was a pretty good bonding experience for us. I put the juices, zest and sugar in a pot and set it to boil. It has to cook a good long while--45 minutes--to make the jelly work. It wasn't even close to boiling so I ran out to the garage to get my lids and jars so I could be washing those up. I came back to this!

Apparantly this stuff goes from warm to explode in about 2 minutes. We just had to laugh and start wiping up the mess. It was everywhere--the stove top, down under the drip pans--we cleaned it up as best we could. Filled the jars. Finished cleaning it up and then canned the jars on a clean stove. We were licking our fingers and tasting the spill. It is delicious stuff and it smells heavenly. Grapey and citrusy--yumm!!! We were almost disappointed when all 9 of the jars sealed up--we were hoping for a bad seal on one so we would have to eat it ourselves :) Just to give you an idea--we were about 3 pints short on the recipe--that's how much boiled over.

Have you been good and sticky lately??

Sunday, September 06, 2009

A Busy Week Ahead!

This week we've got our first MOPS meeting Tuesday and I am a discussion group leader. After MOPS we head to preschool for a meet and greet with EJ's new teachers. Thursday Elijah starts preschool and Lyddie and I will be headed to the OB to check on Isabelle.

I am looking forward to MOPS a lot. I have missed my "Mommy Talk time" and it is always encouraging to be around a group of other Christian women going through the same stuff I am. Both kids love Moppetts (although Elijah will only be going once or twice this year because he's in preschool on Tuesdays).

I am NOT looking forward to preschool. I don't know why. Elijah loves school. He's been asking all summer when he gets to go back and see his friends. I already cut back to two mornings a week because I missed him so much last year going three times a week--I also wanted the "freedom" to take long weekends without him missing school.

Maybe its because he is growing up so fast and I feel like sending him to school is just around the corner and he is going to be gone from me every day. Why am I choosing to send him away if I don't have to?? Maybe its because we are on a really great streak with his attitude and I really ENJOY having him at home most of the time. We've had a great summer not being tied down with a MWF grind. Maybe its because I know I am spoiled by how well he and his sister play most of the time and I know she is going to run me ragged on the days that he is gone. She is going to miss him terribly!!

I know sending him is the best thing for both of us though. We are two strong willed individuals and having time apart is a good thing for us. It will be good for Lydia to learn to play more independently. He also learns that he is NOT the boss of everything. Here at home if he wants to play blocks we do. If he wants to play puzzles we do. Apart from going to the gym, napping and strict limits on TV he doesn't get told "No" a lot around here. Lydia hasn't really started asserting her opinions yet. If she doesn't want to play with Elijah she'll go off and do her own thing. At preschool they follow a schedule. He won't call the shots. He will learn to take turns and play games like Duck Duck Goose (not so fun with just three people!). I have to keep telling myself it is only 8 hours a week that he is gone from me. There are people (hubby included) that miss their kids more than that A DAY!

I just keep telling myself . . .

I am NOT a bad mom for sending him!

I am NOT a bad mom for wanting a break!

Saturday, September 05, 2009


After more than three years we have said goodbye to a dear friend.
Bye beard--hello face :) I feel like I am robbing the cradle now! (We thought it best to include the children in the "shearing" since Justin has had the beard for 100% of both their lives. Didn't want to do it during naps and have them freak out.)

Friday, September 04, 2009

Girl Girly Girly!

We won a hat from "friending" Stella B Designs on Facebook--she had a giveaway. I asked for something super pink (Lydia loves pink) and she came though. I love the fuzzies on this hat's bow. The bow is removable and there is just a cute gem button. If I wanted I could order bows to match her outfits. How cute is that!!
Do you want your angel (boy or girl) to have one? Check her out!!

Just Too Tired . . .

Elijah has started trying to get out of his afternoon nap. His excuse? "I am just too tired to take a nap today." Ummmmm... yeah. I don't buy it either. Once he gives up he is usually out for at least 2 hours. It is wonderful! His mood is so much better in the afternoon and he is cheerful until a "normal" bedtime of 8pm. With no nap--he goes to bed at 6ish because he is such a terror.

Lydia naps maybe an hour a day. She can't seem to get it down. I miss the morning and afternoon naps--she was in such a good mood when she did that. She won't do it though--she'll just mess around for HOURS up there. Some days I leave her up there fussing or playing in hopes she'll nap longer. Her consta-grouch leads me to believe it just isn't enough sleep for her. I remember EJ doing this around this age too though so I am not too worried. This too shall pass. It is just hard not being able to get a nap myself or get stuff done during their naps. I get her down, fight Elijah, then have 15 minutes usually before she wakes up.

I am majorly starting to feel the effects of being pregnant. Last Sunday I had such a preggo day--I felt like I had been hit by a truck! I was exhausted and could barely keep my eyes open after lunch. I wnt home while my mom and dad watched the kids and napped for 4 hours! I couldn't believe it. And I was ready for bed that night at 10pm like normal. I am having these days of severe exhaustion. Now it could be that most nights I am still getting up at least 2 times--I average about 4 wake-ups with the kiddos. I go to bed by 10pm and am up with them usually by 6ish. Not ideal, but I feel like I need some vege time with hubby after the kids go down. I also think I try to do too much in a day sometimes (though you probably can't tell by the state of my house--somehow house cleaning always ranks below playing with the kiddos--especially this week when we have been outside ALL THE TIME). Its so toatlly worth it when Eljiah just out of the blue says--"I am having a wonderful day mommy--Thanks!!!" He also routinely thanks me for my good food that I feed them :) He is following after hubby who almost always thanks me for making a good dinner in front of the kiddos.

Of course I have no pictures to share. I actually don't know where the camera is at the moment and I am doing what I do after every mega-crop and laying off pictures just from sheer shock at how many pictures I take of my kiddos :) I am sure I will be back to clicking in no time!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Calling it like it is . . .er isn't

Have you ever given food a fun name just to get your kids to try it or eat it?

Here are some of ours:
  • Peekaboo Corn aka corn nuggets--last summer Elijah wouldn't try them because he thought we were trying to slip him bread--we popped one open and said "Peekaboo! Its corn inside." He has referred to them as "Peekaboo corn" ever since
  • Shrimp Nuggets aka popcorn shrimp--again last summer we told Elijah he was getting popcorn shrimp. They came and he shouted "Hey--where's my popcorn??!!" We quickly corrected ourselves and put shrimp nuggets in our vocabulary to stop any confusion.
  • Pumpkin aka Rutabega--Elijah says it tastes like pumpkin to him?? We refer to it as pumpkin to avoid him "correcting" us.

Tonight my mom--brilliant mastermind of child culinary trickery--came up with Spicy Chip Chicken. What is that?? BBQ chicken in the crockpot. Elijah didn't want it on his plate--didn't want to touch it--didn't want to taste it. Being the rather strict mother I am (hahaha) I told him he was going to at least give his toungue a taste. That's our rule. I was ready for battle. Then my mom pt some of the dipping sauce on his plate and said that he needed to use his toothpick and do his steps (stab . . . dip . . . eat) with the "spicy chip" sauce. She promised him it would taste just like spicy chips (Lays BBQ potato chips--which use paprika not food dyes to color their chips so they are wonderful for my kiddos!). He tentatively tried one piece, then another. He ate all his first helping, asked for seconds and then thirds. WOW!! That completely surprised me.