Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ahhh--Computer is Fixed!

Its been a long three days. Lydia got into the computer and turned it on and off about 20 times and freaked it out. Super Hubby came to the rescue and did the disk repair and stuff. It took 3 days and he ended up taking our computer to work with him today to fix it there. Totally legit, he uses the computer to remote access into work to fix stuff after hours. He was such a good sport about it--didn't seem to get frustrated with me or anything about it. He knows how fast she is!!

We've been busy around here too. Getting back into the preschool routine is taking a lot out of us. We also had Elijah's dentist appointment and Lydia's 18 month checkup this week. Whew!

Mmmmm.. making homemade chocolate chip cookies on a rainy day. These smell marginally better than chocolate cake--at least the kids LIKE chocolate chip cookies. Justin was happy to have them too. I'm the only one that doesn't like chocolate around here :)And now to build up their salmonilla tolerance (j/k I use pasturized eggs when I cook with the kiddos)

Fun in the wagon with Daddy on Saturday. They love going fast in the wagon. And yes--I do routinely allow my children to play around outside with no pants on. They nap with no bottoms, come downstairs with no bottoms and eat their snack bottomless. If we end up having snack outside they just stay bottomless. They'll be too old to do this too soon so I enjoy it while I can!

"Mr. Thirsty" and "The Tooth Tickler" were a big hit at the dentist. Ej was a champ!! They couldn't believe how awesome he did there!

Mmmm--flouride!! This little 3 minute treatment led to a chemical induced afternoon of tantrums and no nap and a sleepless night :(

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