Sunday, September 06, 2009

A Busy Week Ahead!

This week we've got our first MOPS meeting Tuesday and I am a discussion group leader. After MOPS we head to preschool for a meet and greet with EJ's new teachers. Thursday Elijah starts preschool and Lyddie and I will be headed to the OB to check on Isabelle.

I am looking forward to MOPS a lot. I have missed my "Mommy Talk time" and it is always encouraging to be around a group of other Christian women going through the same stuff I am. Both kids love Moppetts (although Elijah will only be going once or twice this year because he's in preschool on Tuesdays).

I am NOT looking forward to preschool. I don't know why. Elijah loves school. He's been asking all summer when he gets to go back and see his friends. I already cut back to two mornings a week because I missed him so much last year going three times a week--I also wanted the "freedom" to take long weekends without him missing school.

Maybe its because he is growing up so fast and I feel like sending him to school is just around the corner and he is going to be gone from me every day. Why am I choosing to send him away if I don't have to?? Maybe its because we are on a really great streak with his attitude and I really ENJOY having him at home most of the time. We've had a great summer not being tied down with a MWF grind. Maybe its because I know I am spoiled by how well he and his sister play most of the time and I know she is going to run me ragged on the days that he is gone. She is going to miss him terribly!!

I know sending him is the best thing for both of us though. We are two strong willed individuals and having time apart is a good thing for us. It will be good for Lydia to learn to play more independently. He also learns that he is NOT the boss of everything. Here at home if he wants to play blocks we do. If he wants to play puzzles we do. Apart from going to the gym, napping and strict limits on TV he doesn't get told "No" a lot around here. Lydia hasn't really started asserting her opinions yet. If she doesn't want to play with Elijah she'll go off and do her own thing. At preschool they follow a schedule. He won't call the shots. He will learn to take turns and play games like Duck Duck Goose (not so fun with just three people!). I have to keep telling myself it is only 8 hours a week that he is gone from me. There are people (hubby included) that miss their kids more than that A DAY!

I just keep telling myself . . .

I am NOT a bad mom for sending him!

I am NOT a bad mom for wanting a break!

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