Sunday, September 20, 2009

Busy Weekend!

We've had a busy weekend. My parents took the kiddos to the beach for one last hurrah before the weather changes. From talking with my mom it seems they had a blast. I am sure EJ will tell me all about it when he gets home later today.

Justin and I took some much needed time and cleaned out the attic yesterday. It was a HORRIBLE mess!! The roofers left nails and there were splinters everywhere. It needed to be done, our exersaucer, swing, clothes, luggage and decorations were all covered! Everytime we opened the pull down door it would rain down splinters--not good! We took everything out and cleaned it all. I also headed to Walmart for some clear totes to pack the hand me down clothes in. Whew! It is so wonderfully organized now! We only found one box of stuff that needed to be sorted--everything else was pretty organized. We went through some toys and stuff that we had stuck up there and made a "yard sale" pile in the outside garage. We also took all of EJ's old clothes out of the attic since we know we won't be needing those again. Its amazing how much space that freed up!!

We started yesterday at 9:30 and finished up about 9:30 last night. I guess it was such a go go go day for me I couldn't settle down. Apparantly I am NOT superwoman and being 6 months pregnant and on your feet for 12 hours lifting and working isn't the best thing in the world! After about 10 trips up and down the stairs I started counting and I went up and down 97 times. We have 14 steps--that is a workout! I ended up with a horrible backache and heartburn from eating pizza at 10pm. I finally fell asleep about 4am and was up and at 'em for church today at 7:30. Now it is naptime and here I sit with heartburn again :( I wish wish wish my belly would pop out! Not only do I want to look pregnant I KNOW I would be much more comfortable without all this baby squishing my guts. I feel like if my belly would just give way and pooch I would have more room for myself. Right now I can eat one or two bites of food and then I get horribly nauseated. About 10 minutes later I can eat another bite or two. I think it is just a lack of physical room in there because water and drinks make me sick too. Oh well--I am 26ish weeks pregnant and still in all of my normal clothes--I am hoping to pooch soon. I really want to get the lovely round preggy belly and have strangers notice I am preggo.

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