Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Calling it like it is . . .er isn't

Have you ever given food a fun name just to get your kids to try it or eat it?

Here are some of ours:
  • Peekaboo Corn aka corn nuggets--last summer Elijah wouldn't try them because he thought we were trying to slip him bread--we popped one open and said "Peekaboo! Its corn inside." He has referred to them as "Peekaboo corn" ever since
  • Shrimp Nuggets aka popcorn shrimp--again last summer we told Elijah he was getting popcorn shrimp. They came and he shouted "Hey--where's my popcorn??!!" We quickly corrected ourselves and put shrimp nuggets in our vocabulary to stop any confusion.
  • Pumpkin aka Rutabega--Elijah says it tastes like pumpkin to him?? We refer to it as pumpkin to avoid him "correcting" us.

Tonight my mom--brilliant mastermind of child culinary trickery--came up with Spicy Chip Chicken. What is that?? BBQ chicken in the crockpot. Elijah didn't want it on his plate--didn't want to touch it--didn't want to taste it. Being the rather strict mother I am (hahaha) I told him he was going to at least give his toungue a taste. That's our rule. I was ready for battle. Then my mom pt some of the dipping sauce on his plate and said that he needed to use his toothpick and do his steps (stab . . . dip . . . eat) with the "spicy chip" sauce. She promised him it would taste just like spicy chips (Lays BBQ potato chips--which use paprika not food dyes to color their chips so they are wonderful for my kiddos!). He tentatively tried one piece, then another. He ate all his first helping, asked for seconds and then thirds. WOW!! That completely surprised me.

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