Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Funny Sayings . . .

"Look Mom--I have a surprise for you. I made snow!" (EJ--after empting baby powder in his room)

"Mommy--Mommy--Paci fell--uh-oh! Mommy. All done. 'cused Please! Outside. Mommy Mommy!!!" (Lydia--up since 4am begging to be freed from her crib)

"Mommy. No bite bug. No bite but-a-fie" (Lydia pointing to bugs and telling me she wasn't going to eat these ones)

"Brabuh--I wuv you." (Lydia playing with EJ in the playroom)

"No! You can't keep her. Hers is my sissy. I get to keep her and take her home with me." (Elijah to the nursery worker holding Lydia on Sunday)

"Mama's got a fresh baby growing inside. Hers is Isabelle. Hers isn't ripe yet. Hers will be ripe after Chrsitmas but she won't be in our stocking. " (Elijah explaining to Lydia about Isabelle)

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