Friday, September 04, 2009

Just Too Tired . . .

Elijah has started trying to get out of his afternoon nap. His excuse? "I am just too tired to take a nap today." Ummmmm... yeah. I don't buy it either. Once he gives up he is usually out for at least 2 hours. It is wonderful! His mood is so much better in the afternoon and he is cheerful until a "normal" bedtime of 8pm. With no nap--he goes to bed at 6ish because he is such a terror.

Lydia naps maybe an hour a day. She can't seem to get it down. I miss the morning and afternoon naps--she was in such a good mood when she did that. She won't do it though--she'll just mess around for HOURS up there. Some days I leave her up there fussing or playing in hopes she'll nap longer. Her consta-grouch leads me to believe it just isn't enough sleep for her. I remember EJ doing this around this age too though so I am not too worried. This too shall pass. It is just hard not being able to get a nap myself or get stuff done during their naps. I get her down, fight Elijah, then have 15 minutes usually before she wakes up.

I am majorly starting to feel the effects of being pregnant. Last Sunday I had such a preggo day--I felt like I had been hit by a truck! I was exhausted and could barely keep my eyes open after lunch. I wnt home while my mom and dad watched the kids and napped for 4 hours! I couldn't believe it. And I was ready for bed that night at 10pm like normal. I am having these days of severe exhaustion. Now it could be that most nights I am still getting up at least 2 times--I average about 4 wake-ups with the kiddos. I go to bed by 10pm and am up with them usually by 6ish. Not ideal, but I feel like I need some vege time with hubby after the kids go down. I also think I try to do too much in a day sometimes (though you probably can't tell by the state of my house--somehow house cleaning always ranks below playing with the kiddos--especially this week when we have been outside ALL THE TIME). Its so toatlly worth it when Eljiah just out of the blue says--"I am having a wonderful day mommy--Thanks!!!" He also routinely thanks me for my good food that I feed them :) He is following after hubby who almost always thanks me for making a good dinner in front of the kiddos.

Of course I have no pictures to share. I actually don't know where the camera is at the moment and I am doing what I do after every mega-crop and laying off pictures just from sheer shock at how many pictures I take of my kiddos :) I am sure I will be back to clicking in no time!

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