Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh the things they say!

Heard around my house this morning . . .

"I just kicked her in the head because she walked by me and I couldn't see through her and I wanted her out of my way."

Well of course!

"I don't want to stop climbing on you mommy. I like you better than my playground. You are more fun to fall on--you are nice and squishy, my playground is hard."

More time at the gym??

"Bra-bru bonk me!"

Uh-huh--and you bit him and hit him too . . . You guys are gonna kill each other!

and my favorite of Lydia's--heard many times a day but this time in reference to the tater tots I served them for lunch:
"What dat is?"

Now Elijah is singing Frere Jacques--
"Where's my chocolate, Where's my chocolate, Door me you, Door me you, Some me late a tino, Some me late a tino, Ding Ding Dong!"

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