Monday, September 07, 2009

Sticky Sticky Sticky!

Last night we were making some Christmas gifts with our organic grapes from the garden. Yes--I may be ruining the surprise for some people but this story is too funny not to share and I know I am going to want to put it in the scrapbook.

We were really excited. The grape juice we made earlier this year is delicious--we just opened our first jar this week. The kids love it, we love it and no one has died from botulism so we're good :)

Anyway--we were making this grape jelly/marmalade/walnut jam thing I found in an old recipe book. We had burst all the grapes, zested all the oranges and lemons, squeezed juice until we knew every single cut and scrape on our knuckles by heart. . . you get the idea. We were having a great time, cleaning as we went and the kiddos were in bed. It was a pretty good bonding experience for us. I put the juices, zest and sugar in a pot and set it to boil. It has to cook a good long while--45 minutes--to make the jelly work. It wasn't even close to boiling so I ran out to the garage to get my lids and jars so I could be washing those up. I came back to this!

Apparantly this stuff goes from warm to explode in about 2 minutes. We just had to laugh and start wiping up the mess. It was everywhere--the stove top, down under the drip pans--we cleaned it up as best we could. Filled the jars. Finished cleaning it up and then canned the jars on a clean stove. We were licking our fingers and tasting the spill. It is delicious stuff and it smells heavenly. Grapey and citrusy--yumm!!! We were almost disappointed when all 9 of the jars sealed up--we were hoping for a bad seal on one so we would have to eat it ourselves :) Just to give you an idea--we were about 3 pints short on the recipe--that's how much boiled over.

Have you been good and sticky lately??

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