Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Today Mr. Mark came back to the gym after being deployed for many many months. Elijah was excited because they had doughnut holes to celebrate his return. Elijah and Lydia each got one hole and went to go and say "hi". Elijah was pretty bashful--he didn't remember Mark very well. Elijah asked about his camo pants and Mark said that he was a soldier in the army. Elijah said: "Mommy--he is a superhero! I met a real superhero! He fights the bad guys!" All day long he was talking about bad guys and fighting them and did Mr. Mark use a gun to hurt the bad guys so they had to go to the doctor instead of hurting us. It is hard to explain to a 3 year old!! He then asked if Mr. Mark knew Spiderman since they were both superheros. No sweetie, Spiderman isn't part of the US Army :)

I taught both kiddos to say "Thank you for protecting me." (Lyddie shortened it to just "Thank you!")

No matter what my personal opinions are about the war on terror or wars in general, the soldiers do an awesome job and we do appreciate you guys and you are superheros!

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