Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a day!

Wow--so last night was awful. Elijah didn't go to sleep until about 10 pm, Lyddie was up at 2am and then up for good at 4am. EJ got up early too--two grumpy kiddos!

Took Lyddie to get her picture made at Sears. We already had the appointment and couldn't cancel. A tired 18 month old and a picture studio=bad idea!! We got a couple of cute shots but the photographer was AWFUL and Lydia was grouchy and not loving having to lay down and stuff! I know Sears can do so much better--I generally love Sears. This new girl had no energy, didn't want to use any props, didn't take the photos in focus, wasn't willing to get down on the floor. Come on--Lyddie is 18 months old--she isn't going to sit still and smile when you say "cheese!" She also didn't know how to ring me up at the register or use my coupons. UGH! I hope we don't ever get her again. The other photographer Sears has is really good.

Anyway--still waiting for the pics to get posted on Sears online then I'll share them.

Hoping for some good naps this afternoon. I need a nap!! I was just thinking back to how tired I was when I was preggo with Elijah--I used to nap on the floor in my office and that was WITH a full night of sleep. Poor baby #3--I sleep 3 or 4 hours at night and maybe get a nap during the day. Its a wonder the poor thing is even growing! Between getting body slammed by the kids playing, me getting sick and not eating and not sleeping this baby is getting the shaft. Maybe she'll come a day early just to get out of there sooner and we can get the tax exemption :)

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