Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! (and a new room!)

Wow! Busy weekend! After a truly horible time on Thursday afternoon (no naps, tantrums from both kids etc.) we ended up not being able to go to the Peace Church festival. I was majorly disappointed but knew we were in for some Trick-or -Treating fun this weekend. Friday my parents took the kids at lunchtime and kept them at their place to give me time to paint and redo Lydia's room and make it Elijah's "Big Boy Blue Room" as he was calling it. We went Friday morning and picked paint out together. I washed the walls, patched holes, fixed the ceiling where it was peeling and finally painted. I finished up just as Justin was coming home from work. I was so tired out! Justin gave me the night alone and I just vegged out with a Lean Cuisine Pizza and Say Yes to the Dress on TV. This morning we were back up and at them. I touched up, took down the painters tape, straightened up then woke up hubby at 8:30 to get cracking. Grampy came about 10am to help move the heavy furniture since I can't lift. By 11:30 the rooms were finished and all of EJ's furniture was in his new room and Lydia's furniture was in his old room. Here are the before and after shots or the room redo.

After--big boy room. Notice I DID get to do the letters like I wanted! The blue is just perfect!! I couldn't do the same orientation since the "spy bed" is in the corner I stood in for the before shot.
Now I have to finish stripping the wallpaper, get Justin to sand and primer the walls, and paint the girls room. I have two months--I can do it! Now I have access to all of the walls in the other room since everything in there is less than my 50lb weight limit for lifting. I am excited!

Anyway--Elijah loved his new room and was excited until it came time to actually sleep in there for nap time. He woke up pretty grumpy and disoriented but got over it. We went to nana and papa's house to show off their costumes and Elijah refused to put his costume on. They got to see Lydia though. She was a bit sucker obsessed and had her own meltdown when we cut her off at one piece of candy and one sucker. We left there and headed to grampy and granny's neighborhood to trick or treat the cul-de-sac. Our road is just too busy. Elijah refused to get on his costume or go trick-or-treating so Lydia and I and my mom headed out while EJ stayed to help pass out candy to the trick or treaters with his dad and grampy. We stopped by the house and showed Elijah Lydia's candy and he wanted some. I told him "no" that if he wanted his candy he had to trick or treat himself. The whoppers put him over the edge--the boy loved whoppers--so he put on his shoes and went in his clothes without a costume. Thankfully everyone understood he didn't want to wear a fleece costume in hot weather so he wasn't denied any candy. After 5 houses he was done and we headed home.

Daddy dressed as the woodcutter from Little Red Riding Hood. He even packed an axe to take but ended up carrying the Little Mister instead of the axe.
The cutest Little Red anywhere!

We'll see how the night goes--time change, late bedtime, tons of sugar and new rooms--I am guessing I am not going to be sleeping much tonight at all.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby Update

We had an OB appointment today to check on Isabelle. I begged some antibiotics to try and fight off this fever and sinus infection I've been battling for two weeks. Two weeks with a sore throat, fever and BLAH--I was pretty pitiful but I got the drugs. I generally don't like doing antibiotics but I am completely worn out! Anyway. . . back to Isabelle. I am measuring fine but I don't look preggo so the doctor decided to do an ultrasound to make sure my fluid levels and baby size were OK. The ultrasound tech couldn't believe I was 31 weeks when I told her as we were walking back to the room--it was pretty funny. She started looking for the head and we ended up having to move my bra out of the way. I knew the baby was up in my lungs but dang--she was really up there!! She was stubborn too--hands in front of her face and breech. Not to worry--she's already somersaulted twice tonight. She hasn't settled in any one position.

Isabelle is weighing in (by their estimate) at 4lbs even--that's really good for 31 weeks. I have plenty of fluid around the baby (that's a good thing considering the beating my belly takes from the munchies everyday!). The doctor said that he knew I must be miserable as much as she is squishing my guts.

So worries are settled-baby is healthy-things are good!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Fun ???

Took the kids to Sears today to get their pics made in the costumes I made for them. They aren't up online yet but I can't wait to share. The GOOD phtographer was back :) We didn't get any good ones of the two of them together--They were too busy messing with one another and whining and not smiling, but we got a great one each of them seperately.

I resorted to bribery to get EJ to wear his hood (he was NOT a fan) and let him pick the background (pumpkins) and eat a handful of mini-marshmellows. Turned out adorable though.

That photographer is great! The kids were horrible and she managed to keep her cool and take great pics. It could just be that she's used to it--her son is EJ's age and wild too!

As soon as they are up I will share!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Little Update . . .

OK--So I feel like a slacker but I am really just tired out and tired of being sick! Here are some shots from the week.

Here's a "belly shot" of me today at 30.5 weeks! Only 9 weeks to go and still wearing my regular jeans and a belt :(

The kids while hiking with Justin on Saturday.

What could be better than groceries delivered to your door? Free shipping? Nope! The box of course! ( rocks oh by the way!)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nesting Nesting Nesting

Well--I finally got tired of hinting to Justin and asking Justin could we redo the kids rooms. I only have 9 weeks left and there will be enough changes after the baby comes! So yesterday while he took the kiddos hiking in "Grizzwold's forest" I went on ahead and started stripping wallpaper in EJ's room. I am so excited to be redoing the rooms! I found paint that I can paint with--Fresh Aire Paint--low VOC's and better for us all! As soon as its stripped Justin is going to have to sand the spackled spots and do the primer. That's it for his input. I can do the rest of the decorating. The only problem is that I have to find time without my little helpers to do it! Anyone want to keep Lydia for me on Thursday while EJ is in preschool? :)
Anyway--I am going to do solid blue in Elijah's room (which is now the nursery) because that's his request. I love the "Endless Rain" color on the Fresh Aire Site
For Lydia's and Isabelle's Room I am going to do stripes like this:

but I am going to use Afternoon Shade (a green) and Heaven's wind (a really soft lilac-y pink). Since the curtains are pink and the big girl bed we have for Lydia is pink I think it will be really neat.

I would also LOVE LOVE LOVE to get wooden cutouts of the letters in the kids names and put their names on the walls. Something super-girly for the girls--I love this with the ribbons!!
Something funky for Elijah--I love this whacky font!!

Couple of praises:
-Vinegar and hot water are taking the wallpaper off easily with no bad smell and no effects on EJ!
-I am tall enough to get it off all the way to the ceiling without a stepladder which means I can strip while no one is home!
-Low VOC paint which means I don't have to wait on Justin!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween is Coming!!

As a kid I loved Halloween. I remember going in September to the fabric store with my mom and going through the pattern books and getting to pick out my costume. I always felt so sorry for those kids who got the costumes off the rack. I loved being able to pick out my own fabric and one of a kind costume. I always looked forward to the ohhs and ahhs from my classmates at school over my costumes.

It is one of those things I wanted to do with my own kids. I hope it becomes as special to them as it was to me. It sure isn't to save time or money--fabric is expensive and those patterns--whew!! time consuming! I just love giving my kids a one-of-a-kind creation.

Today I finished up the kids' costumes and I am so excited for Halloween to come next weekend. Elijah is going to be the Big Bad Wolf and Lydia is going to be Little Red Riding Hood. I even made her a dress and apron to match her hood. I know--its sick! I can't wait to take my little wolf and his sissy trick-or-treating. I think they are going to be precious.

The only thing I haven't yet done is make trick-or-treat bags. My mom sewed us pumpkin bags that held a TON of candy--way more than those little plastic pumpkins. Maybe I will tackle that this week if I am "sew" inclined. I am not going to worry about it though--the plastic pumpkins are classic and the less candy it holds the better! :)
The wolf head in progress--Ewok anyone??

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mr. Healthy

3 year olds are full of surprises.

Today we had errands to run and Elijah wanted a sucker at the bank before lunch and I let him and Lyddie have one. On the way home I we had the following conversation:

Me: "Boy am I hungry--what should we have for lunch?"

EJ: EJ thought a second and said-- "Mom, this sucker is yummy but it isn't healthy is it?"

Me: "No baby--its not. But that's why we don't eat suckers everyday. They're a special treat for behaving well in the bank."

EJ: "Yeah well, I need some healthy food to fight off these coughing germs. I want cauliflower and icy peas for lunch."

Me: "Do you want the kind with cheese on it or just plain?"

EJ: "Just plain--I like how cauliflower tastes."

So when we got home I got out the California mix (broccoli, cauliflower and carrots) heated it up and put it on his plate with some frozen peas and a drinkable yogurt. The boy scarfed it and had seconds on the veggies. Lyddie ate all of hers too. I was a little shocked but very thrilled. What good eaters I have!! I love that my kids like eating veggies and that I don't have to fight them on it!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Look out Miley Cyrus!

Here comes Elijah!!

I just found out Elijah is going to have his picture in Taste of Home's December/January issue. This boy has already been in the paper 3 times this year (Lydia has been in one time) and I have been quoted in the paper twice (one of those times both kids' names were printed). Yep--My son is fast on his way to stardom :) Look out Miley--you've got some pretty cute competition!

Not Me Monday--and a Giveaway!

So October isn't McMama's Giveaway month and if you write a Not Me Monday you aren't entered to win a $100 gift card so don't head over to McMama's site because you didn't hear it from me!

Gosh--there is a lot I didn't do this week :) I didn't head to bed several nights at 7:30 or 8pm just to catch up on sleep. Nope--I am superwoman! I also didn't give my kids Benadryl at naptime on Wednesday in hopes of calming their coughs and getting nice long naps out of them and then have to deal with groggy/hyper grouches that didn't nap. Nope--I would never drug my kids in an effort to get more sleep. I also didn't let my parents bring us dinner since my two very tired, very grouchy kiddos went to bed at 5:30pm and we couldn't head over there for our traditional Wednesday night supper. I would never take advantage of my generous parents in that way!

Speaking of generous parents, I most certainly was NOT relieved when my parents decided to come and "rescue" Lydia from the yard sale on Saturday. We had our first ever yard sale and my little girl most certainly wasn't running around in her pj's, playing on toys we hoped to sell and driving customers insane with the constant scream of "Mamamamamamamama"--not my darling baby girl.

And today, I most certainly didn't play the pathetic, pregnant, sick, sleep deprived wife part up a little bit to get my hubby's sympathy and get him to call in sick to work. No--I would never let him waste a vacation day like that. And I didn't stay in bed until 9am and take a 3 hour nap this afternoon and let him deal with the snotty eyed toddler screaming "mama" instead of napping. What kind of heartless mother could do such a thing.

What didn't you do this week?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In three years . . .

Yesterday we had a MOPS meeting and one of our discussion questions is where do you see your family in three years and what can you do today to make sure you meet your expectations.

I spend almost every day just trying to get through the day so this question really rocked my thinking. I am a long term thinker--I try NOT to do things in the short term to make life easier if its going to make more difficult in the long term.

I've been thinking about that question a lot. Here's some of my musings. I found out that I am doing a pretty good job.

I want my children to know God and know Jesus most of all. On most days I feel disappointed in this goal. My kids know God is the creator. Elijah routinely turns to God in prayer when he gets hurt, when he sees and ambulance etc. They know lots of bible stories and charachters from their bible time before bed. I want to start incorporating a family bible time. I want the kids to see me reading MY bible, not just their kiddie bible. I want the kids to hear me praying for things other than boo-boos.

I want my children to remember a mommy who loved to have fun. Lately, especially at around 4ish, I am losing it. They are tired and grumpy, I am tired and grumpy, I want to have a healthful dinner ready for us when daddy gets home and I end up snapping. Other than that part of the day, I feel really good about how we spend our time. We go on fun trips. We get dirty and messy on a regular basis. The kids are social and we have playdates. The kids don't turn to TV to entertain themselves most of the time. Thankfully they only watch TV when they wake up from nap and in the morning and even that is optional--they don't expect it or need it. I remember my mom making play dough, doing paper mache, rolling out the newspaper for us to color, setting up the easel, letting us cook . . . those are some of my best memories--my warm and fuzzies. I hope I am re-creating that for my kids.

I want my kids to be healthy and make healthy food choices. I grew up struggling with my weight and I would love to save my children from that agony and from the stigma of being the "fat kid" like I was. I feel great that we very rarely eat dinner out of a box or out of a take out bag. My kids love oatmeal, most veggies and ALL fruits! I love that Elijah keeps choosing Kiwi as his special preschool snack. I also love that we have a box of organic pop tarts that have been in the pantry for over a month because no one wants them even though they are DELICIOUS! Elijah prefers his apple and peanut butter and his mini-wheats. Now my kids LOVE junk food--cheese doodles, gummy bears, chips etc. They just don't expect them. They know not to ask for them in the grocery unless its on our list. They know that we just don't buy that stuff and they know its not healthy stuff. This is one of my proudest accomplishments as a mom so far--that my kids are good healthy eaters.

I want to be more than a mommy. This is the area I am struggling in the most right now. I am so worn out from the day that I don't have the energy to be a wife in the evenings. I need to spend some serious time in prayer and some serious time with hubby outside of our roles of mommy and daddy for this one to change. This is the one that we need to work on together and work on the most.

There's a lot more on my mind but the kids are up from their nap so I have to go.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me Monday!

McMama most certainly isn't hosting a Not Me Monday Giveaway so you shouldn't head on over to her blog to enter.

Let's see . . . what didn't I do this week?
Well, I most certainly did not let the kiddos put ketchup on their broccoli tonight to get them to eat it. I also didn't have to leave the dining room when said children, instead of dipping the broccoli, both decided to eat the ketchup with their spoons.
I also didn't make energy bars, gourp AND Chex Mix puppy chow with the kids today to keep them busy and keep me from going insane. Nope, chocolate, chex cereal and coconut three times in one day would be way too much. I am also NOT sitting here blogging while my hubby cleans up some of the mess that his darling children made helping in the kitchen. That would be wrong!
This past Friday, when Elijah started screaming at 11am about his privates and I knew we were going to the doctor, I didn't secretly want to cry when the only appointment I could get was during the kids naptime. Nope--I was WAY too concerned about Elijah to worry about missing out on a nap. That would be selfish.
Finally, I did NOT let Elijah eat fruit salad out of the serving bowl last night. I also didn't encourage him to slurp the juice out of said serving bowl to finish emptying it so I could just stick it straight into the dishwasher instead of rinsing it--that would just be gross.
What didn't you do this week?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Airplanes and Cooking and Wrestling Oh My!

What a busy and fun family Saturday. We yard saled, went to the airshow, played, napped, grocery shopped and had breakfast for dinner. In general a great and relaxing day. The Wilson Daily Times guy took EJ's picture and asked for his name so hopefully he will have his pic in the paper come Monday--we'll see. There were a lot of cute kids out there :)

Lydia is not about to fall out--she was just squirmy.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Fun with Uncle "Kiwi"

Lyddie and EJ and I went to visit Uncle Cody today at his house. We see uncle Cody almost every week it has just been MONTHS since we've visited him at his house. He has a dog, Katie and a cat, Bayou. Lydia LOVED it. The girl is an animal fool. Elijah just loves his uncle Cody. When we left I asked Lydia who Uncle Cody was and she said "You-cle Kiwi" As much as they love Kiwi's he should take it as a compliment :)
Checking out the cycle with Uncle Cody.
Loving on Katie

Terrorizing poor Bayou with the feather toys. Poor cat--she was really longsuffering though!

Lyddie looking at Katie through the fence. This is really just to show off her ADORABLE mullet piggy-tails. How cute are those!?!?!?

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Park Day

Today I had my 28 week appointment with the OB--things are looking good. Still no belly but the baby is growing fine. Got that icky glucose test and willl hear the results next week sometime. I still can't believe I am in my thrid trimester and today I wore a pair of my normal zip-up jeans. 3 babies in 3 years--apparantly I have abs of steel!

When I got home we decided to go to the park and pack a picnic lunch. We stayed for 2 hours. It was fun and the weather was perfect!! Now Lyddie is down for a nap and EJ is fighting me. I've been up since 3am with Lydia and I NEED a nap. Mama is going to go insane if I don't get more than 4 hours of sleep tonight!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Lyddie's Longest Sentance Yet!

"Mama-munt a watch kittie-cat a 'puter peese"
(Mama I want to watch kitty-cats on the computer please)

She LOVES this video at YouTube. How can you possibly say "No" to such a polite non-whiny request??

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

High and Low

Today I got a high--last night I got all my stuff together for consignment and the yard sale on the 17th--felt good. Also got all the laundry done so I could switch out the kids clothing. The productive mood continued despite a horrid night with the kiddos (in which I got less than 2 hours of sleep). First thing I got the empty, labeled totes from teh attic and put up the kids summer stuff and got out the fall/winter clothes. I put them all in the drawers--everything is neat and clean. The kids, despite gettin gup at 5am, were surprisingly helpful and cheerful. We finished the clothes and moved on to the playroom. We straightened up and vacuumed and dusted the downstairs. Lyddie and I vacuumed and dusted the upstairs while EJ veged out. The kids were getting a bit frustrated at this point--they hate not DOING anything--which usually means GOING somewhere. But they were both sicky, tired, grumpy and generally felt crummy. I was foggy tired and didn't feel like driving anywhere and wrestling them.

I tried to convince them to watch a show while I mopped (I normally mop while they are sleeping but I needed to nap today). No go--they were determined to "help" so we mopped, I told them not to walk on the wet spots, they slipped and fell, I cleaned them up, wiped tears, scolded and mopped up the kid-print. Finally I finished and we spent 45 minutes "trapped" in the playroom playing. It was good and not so good. At least I had access to the time-out chair :)

We ate lunch--they ate so good--then at noon they were wiped, I was wiped and we all settled down for a nap. 45 minutes later they were BOTH AWAKE. CRUEL CRUEL CRUEL colds--I hate that the kids don't sleep when they are sick. I almost cried when I realized that it was 1pm and there was no relief for the rest of the afternoon.

We quickly cleaned the bathrooms and I spent the rest of the afternoon disciplining the kids. I was so frustrated with them. They were grouchy and sleepy and horrible!!! I wanted to just call it quits today. Elijah kept hitting, Lyddie kept biting, they were yellin gat each other. It wasn't fun. I didn't like the mommy I was this afternoon. This is my Low. I managed to get dinner cooked and into the kids and they were bathed and almost ready for bed when Justin got home from work. Lyddie was down before I left for class.

I felt horrible--that's two nights in a row she's been in bed before Justin is home from work. She just can't stay up any later--she is exhausted and grouchy and needs to go to bed. I need to figure out how to make her sleep during the day. She is just so stubborn!!

I am ready for tomorrow. Fresh start. New mommy day. Hopefully the kids will sleep (which means I can too) and we will all be in better moods.

I hate that my life is about nothing more than SURVIVING the day rather than enjoying it. The sleep deprivation and pregnancy is really taking its toll on me. I am so hopeful that things will change. I can't wait to be energetic and well rested and fun again. I can't wait to stay up until 10pm and actually interact with my husband rather than sitting next to him dozing on the couch while he flips channels. I want some energy and I want some sleep! Is there such a thing as pre-partum depression? I feel like I have it on days like today. I just want to curl up and cry and cry out-"DO OVER!!"

Thankfully my kiddos love me.

Every day is a DO OVER.

I will try again tomorrow.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Not Me Monday!

The kids have NOT been driving me bonkers this past week. Nope, I absolutely thrive on little to no sleep and they do too. Their moods have been great and I have had endless patience. I also haven't gone to be two nights before 8pm because I am so tired--nope, I stayed up to spend some quality time in front of the TV with my hubby.

I have not, one two or three occasions, plugged the children into Kidsongs for 20 minutes of peace and quiet. I also didn't vacuum the house twice just to drown out their fighting. Nope--I teach my kids how to resolve conflicts, I don't ignore them!

This week we didn't make a sweet potato pie at 7:30am because Elijah couldn't wait. We also didn't call our neighbors at 8am to borrow butter because it was "pj day" and we couldn't go out because the whole day was spent in pjs. I would never do something like that :)

I don't laugh at my precious angel when she exclaims loudly in the car about the trucks she sees passing by. Nope, its not funny at all to hear "F**k Mommy!" as she points out the window and yells at the top of her lungs. I don't get a kick out of my kids unknowingly cursing at all.

I didn't tell my precious litle boy to "suck it up" and "quit being a wuss" when he went on for 20 minutes about the band aid that I took off his back. Nope--I have a lot of patience for his whining about stuff I KNOW didn't hurt him. I also didn't use baby oil to unstick the bandaid so I knew I could NOT feel guilty about it.

Hubby and I didn't laugh out loud when Elijah, in his sleep deprived, sick state, screamed for 43 minutes about putting the boogie back in his nose that I had wiped off. We didn't laugh when he insisted that he needed his boogie and that I needed to get it out of the trash can. We also didn't laugh when he proceeded to move from tantruming about the boogie to freaking out that the ketchup bottle was on the table and not in the fridge--we took it out for onion rings for lunch. Nope-we had empathy and comforted him and let him have his way because giving into tantrums is exactly what we want to teach him.

What didn't you do this week?

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Daddy Work

Lyddie loves her daddy. She has been a bit upset these past two days that daddy has "forgotten" his lunch box--he is having catered lunches as part of a training. This morning she was toting the empty lunch box around, then packing his lunch with her play food. After it was packed, she grabbed a coffee cup and headed to the front door.
She said: "I daddy. I go work. Bye Guys!!"

Yep--that about sums up their interaction with daddy in the mornings if they see him. He has started going to the gym some mornings so they don't see him at all. I think they miss him, even if it is just the two minutes they used to spend with him. He needs the exercise though!!

Speaking of exercise and eating healthy. . . EJ has surprised me twice this week. The first time we were headed to the grocery store. I told him I thought we should get him a little something special to pack in his lunch box for school this week. I thought he might ask for a sweet or a candy or his current favorite treat--fiddle faddle. Nope--he thought for a moment and said--"How about some kiwi mom--I really like kiwi!" The other time was Monday afternoon when we stopped at McDonalds drive thru to get an Iced Latte to help me survive the afternoon. Elijah was really excited to go to McDonalds, even if we couldn't play in the "kid-cooker." We pull up and he says: "Mom! Mom! Are we eating here? Can I have something to eat here? I love McDonalds!!" I asked him what he wanted, he thought and said: "I want a fruit and walnut salad--do they still have that?" I told him it was too close to dinner to get something that big. "How about the apple dippers then with the caramel?" Sure buddy but no caramel in the car-- "That's OK--I will just eat some in the car and save some for home and dip them when we get home." Lydia started chanting "bapples bapples bapples" so I got two apple dippers. Of course when we got home there were no "saved" apple dippers so I cut up an apple and they devoured that one with the caramel sauce.

Sometimes, even on bad days, you feel like a good mom for teaching your kids healthy choices. I love it that EJ's top two picks at McDonalds are the fruit salad and apple dippers. Go buddy!!

Yesterday he put cookie monster in time out for eating his cookie before his "healthy food."