Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby Update

We had an OB appointment today to check on Isabelle. I begged some antibiotics to try and fight off this fever and sinus infection I've been battling for two weeks. Two weeks with a sore throat, fever and BLAH--I was pretty pitiful but I got the drugs. I generally don't like doing antibiotics but I am completely worn out! Anyway. . . back to Isabelle. I am measuring fine but I don't look preggo so the doctor decided to do an ultrasound to make sure my fluid levels and baby size were OK. The ultrasound tech couldn't believe I was 31 weeks when I told her as we were walking back to the room--it was pretty funny. She started looking for the head and we ended up having to move my bra out of the way. I knew the baby was up in my lungs but dang--she was really up there!! She was stubborn too--hands in front of her face and breech. Not to worry--she's already somersaulted twice tonight. She hasn't settled in any one position.

Isabelle is weighing in (by their estimate) at 4lbs even--that's really good for 31 weeks. I have plenty of fluid around the baby (that's a good thing considering the beating my belly takes from the munchies everyday!). The doctor said that he knew I must be miserable as much as she is squishing my guts.

So worries are settled-baby is healthy-things are good!

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