Thursday, October 01, 2009

Daddy Work

Lyddie loves her daddy. She has been a bit upset these past two days that daddy has "forgotten" his lunch box--he is having catered lunches as part of a training. This morning she was toting the empty lunch box around, then packing his lunch with her play food. After it was packed, she grabbed a coffee cup and headed to the front door.
She said: "I daddy. I go work. Bye Guys!!"

Yep--that about sums up their interaction with daddy in the mornings if they see him. He has started going to the gym some mornings so they don't see him at all. I think they miss him, even if it is just the two minutes they used to spend with him. He needs the exercise though!!

Speaking of exercise and eating healthy. . . EJ has surprised me twice this week. The first time we were headed to the grocery store. I told him I thought we should get him a little something special to pack in his lunch box for school this week. I thought he might ask for a sweet or a candy or his current favorite treat--fiddle faddle. Nope--he thought for a moment and said--"How about some kiwi mom--I really like kiwi!" The other time was Monday afternoon when we stopped at McDonalds drive thru to get an Iced Latte to help me survive the afternoon. Elijah was really excited to go to McDonalds, even if we couldn't play in the "kid-cooker." We pull up and he says: "Mom! Mom! Are we eating here? Can I have something to eat here? I love McDonalds!!" I asked him what he wanted, he thought and said: "I want a fruit and walnut salad--do they still have that?" I told him it was too close to dinner to get something that big. "How about the apple dippers then with the caramel?" Sure buddy but no caramel in the car-- "That's OK--I will just eat some in the car and save some for home and dip them when we get home." Lydia started chanting "bapples bapples bapples" so I got two apple dippers. Of course when we got home there were no "saved" apple dippers so I cut up an apple and they devoured that one with the caramel sauce.

Sometimes, even on bad days, you feel like a good mom for teaching your kids healthy choices. I love it that EJ's top two picks at McDonalds are the fruit salad and apple dippers. Go buddy!!

Yesterday he put cookie monster in time out for eating his cookie before his "healthy food."

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