Friday, October 09, 2009

Fun with Uncle "Kiwi"

Lyddie and EJ and I went to visit Uncle Cody today at his house. We see uncle Cody almost every week it has just been MONTHS since we've visited him at his house. He has a dog, Katie and a cat, Bayou. Lydia LOVED it. The girl is an animal fool. Elijah just loves his uncle Cody. When we left I asked Lydia who Uncle Cody was and she said "You-cle Kiwi" As much as they love Kiwi's he should take it as a compliment :)
Checking out the cycle with Uncle Cody.
Loving on Katie

Terrorizing poor Bayou with the feather toys. Poor cat--she was really longsuffering though!

Lyddie looking at Katie through the fence. This is really just to show off her ADORABLE mullet piggy-tails. How cute are those!?!?!?

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