Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! (and a new room!)

Wow! Busy weekend! After a truly horible time on Thursday afternoon (no naps, tantrums from both kids etc.) we ended up not being able to go to the Peace Church festival. I was majorly disappointed but knew we were in for some Trick-or -Treating fun this weekend. Friday my parents took the kids at lunchtime and kept them at their place to give me time to paint and redo Lydia's room and make it Elijah's "Big Boy Blue Room" as he was calling it. We went Friday morning and picked paint out together. I washed the walls, patched holes, fixed the ceiling where it was peeling and finally painted. I finished up just as Justin was coming home from work. I was so tired out! Justin gave me the night alone and I just vegged out with a Lean Cuisine Pizza and Say Yes to the Dress on TV. This morning we were back up and at them. I touched up, took down the painters tape, straightened up then woke up hubby at 8:30 to get cracking. Grampy came about 10am to help move the heavy furniture since I can't lift. By 11:30 the rooms were finished and all of EJ's furniture was in his new room and Lydia's furniture was in his old room. Here are the before and after shots or the room redo.

After--big boy room. Notice I DID get to do the letters like I wanted! The blue is just perfect!! I couldn't do the same orientation since the "spy bed" is in the corner I stood in for the before shot.
Now I have to finish stripping the wallpaper, get Justin to sand and primer the walls, and paint the girls room. I have two months--I can do it! Now I have access to all of the walls in the other room since everything in there is less than my 50lb weight limit for lifting. I am excited!

Anyway--Elijah loved his new room and was excited until it came time to actually sleep in there for nap time. He woke up pretty grumpy and disoriented but got over it. We went to nana and papa's house to show off their costumes and Elijah refused to put his costume on. They got to see Lydia though. She was a bit sucker obsessed and had her own meltdown when we cut her off at one piece of candy and one sucker. We left there and headed to grampy and granny's neighborhood to trick or treat the cul-de-sac. Our road is just too busy. Elijah refused to get on his costume or go trick-or-treating so Lydia and I and my mom headed out while EJ stayed to help pass out candy to the trick or treaters with his dad and grampy. We stopped by the house and showed Elijah Lydia's candy and he wanted some. I told him "no" that if he wanted his candy he had to trick or treat himself. The whoppers put him over the edge--the boy loved whoppers--so he put on his shoes and went in his clothes without a costume. Thankfully everyone understood he didn't want to wear a fleece costume in hot weather so he wasn't denied any candy. After 5 houses he was done and we headed home.

Daddy dressed as the woodcutter from Little Red Riding Hood. He even packed an axe to take but ended up carrying the Little Mister instead of the axe.
The cutest Little Red anywhere!

We'll see how the night goes--time change, late bedtime, tons of sugar and new rooms--I am guessing I am not going to be sleeping much tonight at all.

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