Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In three years . . .

Yesterday we had a MOPS meeting and one of our discussion questions is where do you see your family in three years and what can you do today to make sure you meet your expectations.

I spend almost every day just trying to get through the day so this question really rocked my thinking. I am a long term thinker--I try NOT to do things in the short term to make life easier if its going to make more difficult in the long term.

I've been thinking about that question a lot. Here's some of my musings. I found out that I am doing a pretty good job.

I want my children to know God and know Jesus most of all. On most days I feel disappointed in this goal. My kids know God is the creator. Elijah routinely turns to God in prayer when he gets hurt, when he sees and ambulance etc. They know lots of bible stories and charachters from their bible time before bed. I want to start incorporating a family bible time. I want the kids to see me reading MY bible, not just their kiddie bible. I want the kids to hear me praying for things other than boo-boos.

I want my children to remember a mommy who loved to have fun. Lately, especially at around 4ish, I am losing it. They are tired and grumpy, I am tired and grumpy, I want to have a healthful dinner ready for us when daddy gets home and I end up snapping. Other than that part of the day, I feel really good about how we spend our time. We go on fun trips. We get dirty and messy on a regular basis. The kids are social and we have playdates. The kids don't turn to TV to entertain themselves most of the time. Thankfully they only watch TV when they wake up from nap and in the morning and even that is optional--they don't expect it or need it. I remember my mom making play dough, doing paper mache, rolling out the newspaper for us to color, setting up the easel, letting us cook . . . those are some of my best memories--my warm and fuzzies. I hope I am re-creating that for my kids.

I want my kids to be healthy and make healthy food choices. I grew up struggling with my weight and I would love to save my children from that agony and from the stigma of being the "fat kid" like I was. I feel great that we very rarely eat dinner out of a box or out of a take out bag. My kids love oatmeal, most veggies and ALL fruits! I love that Elijah keeps choosing Kiwi as his special preschool snack. I also love that we have a box of organic pop tarts that have been in the pantry for over a month because no one wants them even though they are DELICIOUS! Elijah prefers his apple and peanut butter and his mini-wheats. Now my kids LOVE junk food--cheese doodles, gummy bears, chips etc. They just don't expect them. They know not to ask for them in the grocery unless its on our list. They know that we just don't buy that stuff and they know its not healthy stuff. This is one of my proudest accomplishments as a mom so far--that my kids are good healthy eaters.

I want to be more than a mommy. This is the area I am struggling in the most right now. I am so worn out from the day that I don't have the energy to be a wife in the evenings. I need to spend some serious time in prayer and some serious time with hubby outside of our roles of mommy and daddy for this one to change. This is the one that we need to work on together and work on the most.

There's a lot more on my mind but the kids are up from their nap so I have to go.


MOM said...

I am in constant awe of you! I couldn't be more impressed with your "maternal" skills...your love of your family just oozes from every pore in your body. You are in the top ten on my list of women who I admire the most....quite an elite list I can tell you. You didn't "make the list" because you are my made the list because of the obstacles that you have overcome in your life and you did it without becoming bitter and allowed yourself to grow and be all that you could possible be...and along the way you helped others (including me!)'s your unselfishness and "can do" attitude that is most valuable. Having said that, please give yourself permission not to be "perfect" I think you are an exceptional wife and betcha!!!


Alysun said...

I came here to leave an encouraging comment but have tears after the above:) Cut yourself some slack, girlfriend! Your kids will have the most "warm fuzzies" of any other kids on the planet. I, too, admire a woman, friend, leader, wife, and mommy!