Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nesting Nesting Nesting

Well--I finally got tired of hinting to Justin and asking Justin could we redo the kids rooms. I only have 9 weeks left and there will be enough changes after the baby comes! So yesterday while he took the kiddos hiking in "Grizzwold's forest" I went on ahead and started stripping wallpaper in EJ's room. I am so excited to be redoing the rooms! I found paint that I can paint with--Fresh Aire Paint--low VOC's and better for us all! As soon as its stripped Justin is going to have to sand the spackled spots and do the primer. That's it for his input. I can do the rest of the decorating. The only problem is that I have to find time without my little helpers to do it! Anyone want to keep Lydia for me on Thursday while EJ is in preschool? :)
Anyway--I am going to do solid blue in Elijah's room (which is now the nursery) because that's his request. I love the "Endless Rain" color on the Fresh Aire Site
For Lydia's and Isabelle's Room I am going to do stripes like this:

but I am going to use Afternoon Shade (a green) and Heaven's wind (a really soft lilac-y pink). Since the curtains are pink and the big girl bed we have for Lydia is pink I think it will be really neat.

I would also LOVE LOVE LOVE to get wooden cutouts of the letters in the kids names and put their names on the walls. Something super-girly for the girls--I love this with the ribbons!!
Something funky for Elijah--I love this whacky font!!

Couple of praises:
-Vinegar and hot water are taking the wallpaper off easily with no bad smell and no effects on EJ!
-I am tall enough to get it off all the way to the ceiling without a stepladder which means I can strip while no one is home!
-Low VOC paint which means I don't have to wait on Justin!!

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