Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me Monday!

McMama most certainly isn't hosting a Not Me Monday Giveaway so you shouldn't head on over to her blog to enter.

Let's see . . . what didn't I do this week?
Well, I most certainly did not let the kiddos put ketchup on their broccoli tonight to get them to eat it. I also didn't have to leave the dining room when said children, instead of dipping the broccoli, both decided to eat the ketchup with their spoons.
I also didn't make energy bars, gourp AND Chex Mix puppy chow with the kids today to keep them busy and keep me from going insane. Nope, chocolate, chex cereal and coconut three times in one day would be way too much. I am also NOT sitting here blogging while my hubby cleans up some of the mess that his darling children made helping in the kitchen. That would be wrong!
This past Friday, when Elijah started screaming at 11am about his privates and I knew we were going to the doctor, I didn't secretly want to cry when the only appointment I could get was during the kids naptime. Nope--I was WAY too concerned about Elijah to worry about missing out on a nap. That would be selfish.
Finally, I did NOT let Elijah eat fruit salad out of the serving bowl last night. I also didn't encourage him to slurp the juice out of said serving bowl to finish emptying it so I could just stick it straight into the dishwasher instead of rinsing it--that would just be gross.
What didn't you do this week?

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Nic said...

You have some super cute kids! God Bless =)