Sunday, November 01, 2009

Ahh . . .Sunday

Time change is evil!

I was up with the kids at least twice an hour last night--they were both coughing and everytime they did they would wake up and be disoriented and flip out. One flipping out would usually wake up the other--especially since EJ's sound machine wasn't working. Lydia flipped out so much she ended up puking all over everything. Thankfully Justin was still up so he helped me out with that one.

With the time change naps were effectively one hour later :( They didn't nap well--too tired from being up all night and being stretched all day.

We headed to WalMart just EJ and me to get a new sound machine since his is on the blink. Its going up there now on birds--super annoying and it doesn't drown out anything. I will switch it when I go up and know he's good and asleep.

We managed to get a good dinner in the kids before meltdowns but bedtime was "late" due to the time change and they both flipped out during the bath. Lydia got so upset she ended up throwing up all over herself and daddy (resulting in another bath and another round of throwing up in the bath). Elijah pitched such a fit in his room he ended up throwing up all over himself and me. UGH! I hate that my kids tantrum until they burst!

We got everyone cleaned up and in bed.

Thank goodness.

Tonight is one of those nights I didn't want the responsibility for raising my kids. I felt good about a couple of things though--
1) we were calm
2) no yelling took place
3) Justin stepped up and started the barf load of laundry while I got EJ down so I didn't have to smell it again.
4) I did all of that on less than one hour sleep last night and an hour nap this afternoon!
5) I didn't fall asleep during church this morning (unrelated but I am proud I didn't)

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