Monday, November 23, 2009

Covey Cookin'

Whew--after a much neded 2 week break from the kitchen, during which my WONDERFUL mom friends provided dinner, I got my feet wet and tried cooking today. It was challenging--both kids were napless and grouchy and wanted to be held, picked up, paid attention to . . . but I perservered and made a DELICIOUS dinner that everyone enjoyed.

Elijah was happy because he got to peel and cut the carrots (well--he worked on one while I did the rest--can I just say how much I love the Pampered Chef Kid's knife??). Lydia was happy because she got to spray water everywhere and "Clean off" the baby corn and water chestnuts. Those tasks kept them busy enough for me to chop the broccoli and pepper and squash, roast the cashews and start the noodles.

We ate at 4:45 because the kiddos had been up since 5am with no naps. They were hungry and snarfed it all down except the noodles--they didn't want those. So they ate 1/2 orange each and about 1 cup of sauteed teriaki veggies with cashews. They drank milk and had spoons of peanut butter for dessert--don't know how or why they are on that kick but they both ask for peanut butter for dessert even when offered candy or cookies.

All in all a pretty successful return to the kitchen. Hubby is in there now cleaning up :) My arm is killing me but that is more from the go go go of the day and the fact that my skin was stuck on the dressing when they changed it today so it is just raw and achy. I find out tomorrow if I have responded well enough to get the PICC line out on Wednesday after 12 treatments. I hope I have!! I want to be able to decorate this weekend and if it isn't out I am on weight restruction and I won't be able to help get stuff down from the attic or help set up our tree so it will probably have to wait another week.

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