Friday, November 20, 2009

Curly Sue and Her Brother Too

Yes--the Alice box is still popular. We're getting a new bigger box tomorrow. They were playing "nap" and kept getting loud toys to wake each other up.

Despite a horrible night and whiny attitudes somehow going outside makes it all better and the giggles start coming a mile a minute. I love the fact that it was 65 degrees in the middle of November--too perfect!
Check out the toungue--its her new thing--maybe she'll be the next Michael Jordan??

Yard Sales Rock--Power wheels for $8--the speed it right too, about .001 mph :)
Pushing his sissy in the swing. He always seems to forget she is going to come back and gets smacked in the chest. He is trying to be sweet though.
Check out those WILD curls! Whew!

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