Saturday, November 07, 2009

Howl-o-ween Pics!!

So here they are!! At long last!! I was again thrilled to have gone to get their picture made considering EJ didn't wear his costume on Halloween this year. Last year they were both mopey and not smiling because they had Hand Foot and Mouth. Halloween is just not turning out to be our best holiday.

OK--the together shots were a joke--Elijah didn't want to wear his hood, they didn't like the background, they weren't paying attention etc. He was being silly--she was angry because I just grabbed the mini-marshmellow bag out of her hands.
The cutest Little Red Riding Hood on the planet--this is the one I got of her.

The most adorable Big Bad Wolf ever! This is the one I ordered of him. He was actually sliding down the background again and again and she snapped him mid-slide. I love how happy he looks--like he actually likes the costume. Considering this is the one and only time he has worn the costume I am VERY glad I got a picture.
This one is cute too but I love his face in the other one.

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stacyamatthews said...

Love the costumes! They are adorable!!