Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lazarus and Jesus

Elijah is getting pretty good and remembering bible stories and people from the bible. Today he was playing motorcycle and he had his little 'do rag on his frog and they crashed. Unfortunately, his poor stuffed frog died (according to him) and he buried it (under toys) and put plastic flowers on top. Here is what he told me . . .

"Keep Lydia away. The dead frog is gross. He's in the cement-tary and those are his plastic flowers. We planted him there."

A little while later Froggy was magically back on the cycle. I asked if he had come back to life and EJ said . . .

"Yes. His name is Zazzerfuss and it is a magic miracle. He was in the cement-tary a few days and Jesus came and made him come back alive so he could play with me."

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God Bless The Children said...

Beautiful story. Zazzerfuss ^_^

May God Bless you and Elijah and your whole family today and always.