Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Little Update . . .

Life here has been crazy! I never imagined how much I need my arm to do stuff, nor how much I valued and used my mornings until they were both taken away! The good news is that the treatment seems to be working and my iron levels are slowly increasing.

The kids continue to have problems adjusting to our new "routine" of sorts and I have been treated to several sleepless nights and afternoons as well as some pretty intense tantrums. For the most part large amounts of snuggle therapy in the afternoons and evenings seems to be doing the trick or at least getting us through.

I feel guilty that I am not more patient with the kiddos, especially Elijah, but when that tantrum stretches itself into the one and two hour mark I tend to lose it. The "break" I have in the morning help me to recharge a little bit, but the laying around doing nothing while my house slowly gets filthy (I can't lift the vacuum), the laundry piles up (I can't lift a basket of laundry) is driving me nuts! I feel like the least productive woman in the world right now. Today I did manage to get some laundry done by throwing the dirty bags downstairs and getting Elijah to drag it to the laundry room then breaking each load into 1/4 and carrying it upstairs in tiny loads to get put away. Not very time efficient but at least I have underwear for the morning.

Only 6 more days with this wretched PICC line and then I will be free. I think we will all do a happy dance when I can lift my arm without it hurting and pick up the kiddos with no worries. It will make my Thanksgiving day #1 thing to be thankful for (the #2 thing has got to be Silk Nog--that stuff is awesome!).

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