Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Whew! Its been a good week of things that I didn't do.
Starting with today I didn't let my kids eat entire bowls of pudding at lunch and then put Kidsongs on when we got home and encourage them to dance like maniacs while I ran around and straightened up and started laundry. I most certainly didn't do that in an effort to get them tired enough to nap! I would never do that!
I would also never just lay on the couch EVERY night this past week and let my husband clean up the kitchen because I am just too lazy to do it. Nope--and I wouldn't use a PICC line in my arm to beg off and get his pity so that he happily did the cleaning with no complaints instead of rolling his eyes at me. Trust me--I am not milking this PICC line thing at all.
This week I haven't been completely humbled and blessed by all of my wonderful mom friends who have cooked for us and cared for our children. I take all this pampering for granted and feel entitled to get the help.
This past week I didn't get the PICC line and go by myself to the hospital simply to avoid the embarassment of having my hubby and/or my girlfirends seeing me freak out over a needle in the arm. Nope--I am way too cool to freak out over a little something like that. I would never end up blubbering like an idiot on the x-ray table during the procedure sure that I was bleeding to death.
Finally, I didn't refer to our third blessing Isabelle as an "alien freak in my belly" last night after eating ice cream. It didn't gross me out in the least to have her somersaulting, assaulting my major organs and lava-lamping in my belly for over 2 hours. My hubby didn't get grossed out either. Nope--this is God's blessing and we would NEVER refer to her as "creepy."

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