Thursday, November 05, 2009

Phunny Phrases

Lydia is cracking me up lately with her little phrases. This week I have heard:
1) I'm stretching it out. (Stretching first thing in the morning)
2) Night Night tight sleep no bugs bite! (Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don't let the Bedbugs Bite)
3) Oh No! They all fell out! (when she dumped a bowl of Kix on the floor)
4) These my stinky pinkies. ( after pulling off her socks)
5) My tootsies breathing (to OB last week on why she was barefoot)
6) 'Lijah's a grump-nugget. (On listening to EJ throw one of his many tantrums)
7) This bug cool--High Five Mommy! (on seeing her new twilight ladybug this morning)

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bethany said...

Hey Covey-
I still have some of those same kind of headbands left, so I can create a listing for you! What color headbands and flowers? I can make fabric flowers as well if you would like. Either way. Just let me know and I'll create a custom listing!!